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In technology, it is not only the fastest growing hardware and software. Project planning and monitoring trends, productivity, customer experience and more can come and go quickly. Developers and managers need to be up to date with all the latest skills and practices. If they do not, they will fall behind rivals and lose their best skills.

Below are 14 efforts that each technical executive believes they should pursue in 2021.Members of the Forbes Technology Council share key skills and initiatives that technology leaders need to pursue in 2021.Photos courtesy of individual members.Translating technology into business objectives and results.

Often, the C-suite and team members struggle to understand how emerging technologies and changes will affect the business. The information provided to them is non-existent or highly technical in a commercial environment. Michael Montagliano, ProAcke Successful executives are the ones who can expose their teams to take advantage of every new opportunity that arises in the startup world. – Lauren Knutson, Broadcom

IT health is something that we will see and hear a lot about this year, especially in the technology sector. This includes keeping data clean and secure and improving the performance of devices, operating systems and software. It provides greater insight to weaknesses and weaknesses within a company’s infrastructure. – Brian Davidson, Congress 360

An important skill for any technology manager is being able to coincide with the boundaries of your company designed to reduce or overcome this limitation. New technology can only bring value when it helps a company reduce or overcome the limits that stand in the way of achieving one or more goals. – Alan Bernard, Goldade Research Labs LLC.

Kovit-19, taking into account all the changes caused by locking and short journeys, allows technology executives to keep their use of digital social media and communication platforms up-to-date and consistent with their ecosystem, colleagues and customers Need to join. . “before this.” – Jennifer Esposito, Magic Leap

The classic combination of artificial intelligence and robotics helps in early detection of business change while improving performance, experience and economy. Hyper-automation technology allows executives to learn machine learning techniques and intelligent automation and can enhance business processes. – Shriram Bhargava Madhav, Prof.

We need to understand the user’s pain points and solve their problems. Our job is to create products that solve customer problems – it is not the duty of the customer to make our company successful. If technology managers are committed to solving customer problems in the best possible way, then everything else will happen. – Brandon Welch, Taxi

The Forbes Technical Council is the only invitation to world-class CIOs, CDOs and technology executives. Am i eligibleTechnical executives need to manage the ability of themselves and their teams to engage strategically and strategically with their company’s decisions on a daily basis. Not only do technical teams meet delivery milestones, but it is important to stick to business goals, prioritize and focus on key people and contribute to the implementation of their company strategy. – Julie Isko, Vorkiva

The innovation platform that a startup focuses on is similar to the “Deep Five” technology that comes from success – but an important part of the business process is quickly delivering innovative benefits with this innovation. Combining the capabilities of many start-ups, creating integrations and expanding partnerships can quickly create value for businesses and their customers rather than working individually. – Chandrasekhar Somasekar, CLEAREYE.AI, INC.

It is a great practice to surround yourself with intelligent, talented people because they are team members, mentors or co-workers. Always invest time in learning, especially in the fast-paced world of technology. Subscribe to newsletters, podcasts, magazines or any other medium that provides reliable and relevant information for your industry. – Firdat Jabidian, Gudo
Hiring a manager is always one of the most important skills. By 2021, remote working conditions have become, so technology executives should spend more time on shopping because you are more likely to make mistakes when you do not recognize the human face. It is important to give yourself enough time for the purchasing process to be successful. – Nitsan Shapiro, Epson
2020 is a challenging year. In 2021, it is important to be vulnerable, because in unprecedented times, we do not know all the answers. We saw a lot of suffering during the epidemic and gained new insights. By openly acknowledging that we do not know all the answers and are willing to know things, will keep people organized and share the responsibility of solving problems. – Maria Arshad, Lancashire Inc.

Technology leaders need empathy and should focus on the use of technology. There is indeed a full connection between empathy and technology – we need to create rich technology that people understand when we use technology to increase our empathy with others. – Carlos Pignador, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Technology executives are exposed to digital screens several hours a day. Combined dopamine loops reduce hearing and continue reactive behavior. Being present increases hearing power and disrupts circulation. The results are very thoughtful, and they have a lot of collective confidence. Kashyap Deora, Hyper Track