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What is everyone talking about? In the spring, in the early weeks of the epidemic, the technology industry and people around it began talking about a new mobile application called Clubhouse – a “drop-in audio” social network that helped create voice-only chat rooms is. The conversation about the club house is frequent and vaguely annoying, which is somehow captivating. There was a distinct air of use. It is still in beta and only available on iOS; Only a few thousand people have accounts, and there is a waiting list. Significant Twitter followers – venture investors, start-up founders, signed on and “went live” with several Silicon Fence figures later tweeting about a mystery and experience with intrigue. The app’s name provokes semi-exclusive collection spaces such as airport lounges and golf-course restaurants, but is also considered childish. Community guides prohibit recording and transfer, so conversations are only available in real-time and short order. Account holders can call friends, but the number of calls per person is limited. Calling codes started appearing on eBay.

By February this year, the clubhouse had raised more than one hundred million dollars in venture capital. Despite being a call-only subscription model, it has received around ten million users. It has a smaller audience than Twitter or DictoCode – they have three hundred million and one billion users respectively, but it is still important. (Ebay call codes are up to four hundred dollars each.) Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg made an amazing presence in the app. The Chinese government made the demand after joining the Chinese civil service of the Chinese region and speaking openly about their personal lives, audits and Xinjiang international camps. Like most social-media sites, the clubhouse has proven its dual potential: it can rarely give a voice to those who have the opportunity to speak freely, while at the same time having some of the world’s richest And the most powerful people are nourished.
At the beginning of the clubhouse, one is given a menu of “rooms” or live chats. Each room has a title: “Women in Power Our Payments” or “If you were (another) animal, what would you think of a man?” Or “The Ultimate Exit to Silicon Valley: The Rise of the State Network.” One tap and it will start streaming audio. The screen fills with participants’ avatars, each with their own small orb; Speaking offers are limited to moderators and select participants, which are displayed at the top of the screen. Participants who wish to talk can tap on a button to raise their virtual hands.

The application asks people to use their real names, and many do. Users who link the app to their Twitter account or address book are given a list of friends to follow; Do this when you sign up, the app will immediately notify you of your contacts and ask you to welcome them to a room in a private clubhouse. (For the new contestant, it’s like other contestants coming to a surprise party with a former, co-worker and distant friend.) In the clubhouse, anyone can create public or private parties. Room, and very active users can basically start their own “clubs” of interest-interest groups. The clubs are like a series of conversations, and the offerings vary: “One life and small houses” (eight thousand participants), “Remedies for black women” (seventy thousand participants), “Quran recitation” (twenty-three thousand members) , “Olympic Weight Gain” (two hundred), “The Duchess” (one million participants), and “Parent Confession” (there are thirteen thousand clubs devoted to health: “The Divine Revival of Women”, one million ten thousand participants, “Meditate on the awareness of national power and return to a safe place for us”; “Meditation room”, with more than one million and five thousand participants, plans daily, meditation sessions. Dog lovers, astrology and Tesla. A type of club. In particular – the clubhouse label “Hustle” – has been specifically proven to contain bees.

Last afternoon, I sat on the couch, placed my iPhone on the coffee table, opened the clubhouse, and filled my apartment with the sounds of strangers. A room named “Oz Boss Babbage Secret to Create 7 Photos from Marketing Online” was managed by twenty-six women, a man who, when I came downstairs, sat on the floor politely talking to his mother. . Women ruled the world, they reminded more than nine hundred spectators, and women should avoid it. Some rooms focus on whether available tokens or N.F.T.S – digital assets can be bought, sold and monitored on the blockchain – whether they are futures or busts. Sixty-two people in a room “How do you rob a bank?” The room, organized by the “Rock Your Gift” club, has sixty-seven rooms – “This club is a collection of game-changing business owners and multi-passionate coaches, speakers and course creators who focus on creating a unique stand-out.” Businesses around their center with gifts “- Client Calling Thirty-two people listened to a talk on” How to Improve a Liar (Only One Hour to Improve). How to Use the Cove as a Success! But I thought, why should I let these people into my house?”

Like podcasts and radio, the clubhouse is at the same time a medium that is most consumed when interacting. Unlike message boards, text-based social media feeds, and video and photo-heavy apps, this applies to multitasking lifestyles. Over the next few weeks, whenever I tried to listen to conversations as a particular activity, I inevitably landed in a horizontal position – either on the bed, or on the couch, or on the floor – with my phone a few inches away from me. Was head. Conversations are more extensive than radio, less focused than podcasts, and practically white work louder – a way to get my own voice out of my head. In one room, Sarah Jacobs, a California delegate, answers the questions of thousands of congressional women; Another, Katie Gorić and Guy Ross, talked about current events and the Paleo diet. “What do models want in a room?” Advice from celebrity builders, “The model discussed her desire for romantic partners who can connect deeply; a conversation resonating in a room with a similar frequency” Do you deserve the SIX + igfigure man ?! ” Do. “In a comic workshop, he gives people ideas on how to carry out a task in a life-threatening chronic condition, and, in the whole spirit of another universe, the young son of a famous and controversial art collector, His father’s account using, NFDS.

On any given night, journalists can be seen talking about the magazine, angel investors can be seen talking about angel investing, and countless self-proclaimed millionaires and coaches to inspire many marketing projects Provide tips and guidelines for. The group of celebrities was angry about campus politics. A Zen monk performed a meditative sound cycle. One morning, over coffee, I continued a conversation at the “Entrepreneur Millionaire Secrets” club, where people discussed.