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Good Japanese Women & Gentleman & Con Holdings Inc. Revenue for the fourth quarter and full year 2020 conference. During today’s presentation, all parties were in a listening position. Following a brief sentence prepared by the company, the meeting was open to questions with instructions for timing. I went on strike today to move Shannon Devine’s conference on investor relations with Ken Holdings.

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Thanks everyone, operator and good afternoon. We appreciate your participation in our fourth quarter and annual revenue conference call. Joining me today is Phil Philly, Connie’s president; CEO, Rick Massey; Chairman, David Tokmun; And Chief Financial Officer Brian Coy. As a reminder, this call has been rescheduled to 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time March 1, 2021.

Before I begin, I would like to remind you that this conference call may have many risky and uncertain statements pending. Statements that do not include historical facts, such as our expectations, beliefs, aspirations, or strategies for the future. Intelligence reports are based on currently available management beliefs and beliefs and information. Such reports are based on future financial and operating results, and since they are not actually in statements, actual results may differ from expectations. We have no obligation to update any report with new information, future events or otherwise. There are risks and uncertainties in the pending reports, but the risk and other factors described in our monthly supplementary letter were published this afternoon and the Investigative Information Report, Risk Factors and Cane Farm 10-K and other SC ECs.

Thank you, Shannon. Earlier today, we released our fourth quarter and full year 2020 results with documents. Today, I and our senior management team want to be available to answer your question.

Our portfolio companies have seen steady growth, with our new investment initiatives finally seen in the quarter – Q4 and early 2021. In particular, Ken Foley Tracymen Aqua Aquac Acquisition Corporation II and Palace Group and Folly Tromi AC Aqua Acquisition Corp. United Nations solution. Both business objectives provide tremendous momentum for future growth, examples of companies providing multi-trillion dollar businesses, innovations due to continuous effort and technological efforts.

We expect to invest $ 50 million and $ 125 million, respectively, in the acquisition of Esperlitz Aquac Corporation, which will continue to accelerate the pace of investment in the SPAC market, respectively. I encourage you to join Asterlitz Acqua Acquac Acquisition Corporation II as a member of each other. Our efforts are focused on high quality companies with a defensive profitable business model. We believe in our strategy of capturing transactions, demonstrating our disciplined, value-based approach that will provide the best long-term returns to our shareholders throughout the market cycle.

Questions and Answers I would like the call operator to run to open the ask operator. Start a question and answer session. [Director’s instructions] The first question came from Stephen Campbell Inc. in John Campbell.

Hey, congratulations to all those who received Hannibal’s art before the two documents. nice touch. But when it comes to Hannibal, I think you have an easier time measuring the Alps, and I think the big discount on NAVs has stopped. In fact, it is somewhat surprising for us to see such a large number of the latter. Hope you don’t miss it. But I would love to get your latest ideas at a discount; Your thinking pattern will plug you in to turn it off. If you invest or repurchase CNNE directly on the stock, it will increase to some kind of Peking order if stuck.

Yes, John, this is a good question and a good idea for both of you. We have postponed buying shares other than market shares – buying some shares at that time reduced the shares to $ 20. We are trying to raise capital to support some of the investments we have made. However, now that we have invested in Ton & Broad Street, the locks have expired and we do not have investment locks on Seridian. Soon we will get both public distribution, company shares, and passoff and elites and the demonetization plan will start in the next six months. So I am very open to buying again. I wanted to do this with a mindset that underestimates our ability to pursue some of the biggest investments we have seen in the last six months.

Thus, the best color. In return, you have multiple functions in one layer. Super exciting. Apparently, you see Esther on the road; You look at Trebia, it is still pending. But you run into profits, I guess for both Folly Tracyman I and II, you want to lose your appetite, I think you can mark, but the rest of the SPAC is your appetite?

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