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Director of Marketing at FST Logistics in Columbus, Ohio, a leading provider of warehouse and temperature controlled transportation solutions In an effort to control the government-19 epidemic and costs, many companies have redesigned their marketing teams and reduced their overall costs for those outside the company. As many people work long distances and spend more time online, digital marketing has become a priority for many businesses. As marketers face the new realities of working with small staff sizes and low budgets, it is important to allocate the right resources for digital marketing today.

Now more than ever companies need to find out where digital marketing fits into their marketing plans. For teams currently in this situation, managing the entire digital marketing strategy at first may seem overwhelming. After all, digital marketing is not a one-size-fits-all strategy; Everything from search engine optimization to social media is included in the category, but depending on the system, some strategies may prove to be prohibitive, impractical, or unnecessary. With the right approach, the marketing team can manage the strategies that work for them.

Start with the marketing tools you already have; Determine if your strategy works best. If they do not, do not make them a priority. Use the previous year as the basis for measuring performance, based on your growth (or lack thereof), to determine if the instrument is manageable. For example, if a corporate blog sees a monthly increase in viewership, then continue to create content for it. If a social media channel is stable in terms of engagement, consider whether it is worth spending more resources to nurture or will your time be better allocated elsewhere. If you decide that investing in those resources is not worth it, close the account; Do not let it sit idle.

Create a digital marketing calendar. Whether you are starting a new digital advertising campaign or sending a targeted email campaign, it is important to keep everything in order. Creating a calendar with important dates can help teams stay connected and know what to expect each week, especially when teams are working remotely. In addition, many digital marketing tools have built-in calendar functions that allow users to plan and schedule content and include useful features such as Outlook and Gmail integration.

List the help of marketing automation tools. Many applications allow users to manage contacts, reports, email campaigns, landing pages, blogs, social media and all in one place instead of using multiple tools. Using a tool, teams can streamline their marketing processes by accessing all digital marketing tricks that can be used in their efforts on one of their platforms. This reduces the possibility of errors and eliminates redundancy that occurs when using multiple devices.

Create a content library. Meet people in the company who are physical experts in various disciplines. Spend time interviewing them and asking questions. Use this content to create blogs, white papers, eBooks and more. In a year or a quarter, align this content with a larger marketing strategy and then promote it through digital marketing channels that you consider important to the company. When you create an initial content repository, the marketing team can reach a late date for use in other campaigns and balance other marketing efforts without giving importance to creating new content.

Assign. These factors can cause additional stress as marketing teams face staff cuts and budget cuts amid an epidemic. One way to ensure that responsibilities are shared equally by leaders is to set tasks aside. If one person from the marketing team is very good at writing content and the other is good at social media, then use the strengths of the team. Set realistic expectations and goals; Give team members the opportunity to check in on each other to ensure that the responsibilities assigned to them are handled. Through commitment, marketing managers can interact with their reports on what aspects of the digital marketing strategy and what can be improved. They can also help to ensure that the workload is evenly distributed.

While these are some of the steps that marketing professionals can take to simplify digital marketing strategies, it’s important to remember that every team and business is different: what works for one company may not work for others is. Setting realistic goals, understanding team strengths and weaknesses, and promoting ideas is far from the process that facilitates any digital marketing strategy. creative and advertising companies.

Failure to maintain brand stability will reduce your value and reputation over time. This is enough to keep your brand in order, but it can be more complicated when an external freelancer or agency helps with your marketing. If you decide to outsource, you should also design a quality control mechanism to ensure that everything published is 100% stamped.

Useful individuals will work with you to create deadlines and deliver items on time. But most freelancers or agencies have too many customers. As a full-time employee, you do not have the luxury of rearranging their priorities. It is possible that they do not have availability for a particular project. As a result, you may need to edit your entire schedule or find another part-time employee with comparable skills.

Many small businesses build their brand by providing personal contact to customers. This is a great business plan, but when outsourcing, you should send it to a freelancer or agency. Some items may lose your personal connection. Freelancers can try to mix your voice and voice as closely as possible. But this will not happen.

There are a lot of pros and cons to outsourcing, but flexibility is your biggest benefit from outsourcing. If you can find the right person or company, you can negotiate an option that will benefit your business.

In my experience in the outsourcing world, you can hire someone on a temporary basis (completing overflow jobs), have them on a retainer (negotiated by both parties) or part-time (less than 30 hours for example) Can.

Agencies often have open castings that you can participate in to be selected. You can hire them to complete personal services like SEO research or content writing. Or you can keep them on hand to manage all aspects of your digital marketing, hand in hand or hand to hand as you wish.
To decide if the time is right to outsource, consider what was discussed above and crush the numbers to see if it works for your budget.