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Planning your Holiday is time-consuming and the onset of Covid has made it more complicated ==  and has made and at present is STILL  constantly changing
If you are planning to fly away obviously make sure all the Health requirements are met –  Make a list and tick them off
Use a Regulated  == Travel Agent — make sure your Passport is up to date and  Insurance Cover is Sufficient —  Booking a package holiday normally covers you well but you can always ask for more and they will advise you what is best for you and your family/friends etc.

If possible Book Early ==  make sure you know what charges might occur should you cancel or want to change

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If you are booking your own holiday you can always check online with your chosen Countries requirements with the Foreign Office and remember some countries have very different rules and you are in their country == Lots of excellent advice for Females on Traveling safely and Solo Travelers or if you are an Older person again check out the best AdviceLots of young people take a gap year and again good advice online and good deals out there whether it’s Volunteering == Adventure or Work experience

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Make sure your contact details are correct and your Home is Secure — Family — Friends good Neighbors are Aware of your destination  ==  make sure your home is secure and  safe all unnecessary appliances turned off  == look up Burglary prevention
Find out about Fraud and what scams are out there crooks are always on the lookout for Travelers / Holliday Makerskorea g02bdb44af 1920

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ABTA and ATOL are good for UK travelers == ATOL Protects for your package Holiday and Flight == Another practical tip is to see the advice  on best ways to check-in at airports and also what the airport you will use  have available for you

Cruses are of course popular with Holidays and the rules can vary per operator so again make sure you are up to date with their obligations — also being a stop-start trip the stops might change so read the small print — Some people don’t even leave the ship 👀 Train Holidays is again another great way to view the world and plenty of Holidays out there — definitely worth a look if you like great views they are not that expensive — as ever research and you will be surprised

Check out the best deals for Travel Money don’t exchange in Airports or HOTELS as they usually give the worst exchange rates
use local banks or ATMs   == again it’s just a simple checklist really

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Despite the Lockdown, there are Holidays for all this page is just stating the obvious but people do make mistakes especially when busy
I was with friends going on a golfing Holiday and our friend wasn’t allowed on the flight as he had packed his Sons passport

Again I say Remember to really check out the rules in the country you are visiting == Guide books are helpful don’t get locked up for a silly error in judgment

I realize this is just simple common sense but hope it can be a reminder and that we will soon be showing Travel Companies offers

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