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The British Army would sink to its lowest level in 200 years, reducing the number of the largest military coup after the Cold War to 72,000. One battalion would be dismantled and seven soldiers would be reduced as commanders drove the UK army out of the “industrial era” and into a new war on technology. Army soldiers, along with soldiers, would lose Synopsis and other helicopters, warships would be dumped by the RAF and Royal Navy warships would be lost. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has confirmed that the troops will be reduced from 72,500 troops to the previous target of 72,500 and 700 warships will be deployed.

The dwindling military numbers are only 76,000 – less than the target – but Wallace argues in the new defense role that the British armed forces are “thinner, more dangerous, e Related ArticlesThe reductions were less likely than the British Army after the Crimean War, relying on areas filled with drone technology and communications systems.

The commander of the army would lose 20 Puma helicopters and nine Chinooks, both of which were important in the war in Afghanistan. In addition to these losses, the Army is set to lose 76 major battle tanks of the Challenger II, while the remaining tanks of its tanks will be replaced by an additional 150 Challenger IIIs.When most of the equipment that has been placed is replaced, experts in the armed procurement system are concerned that it may cause delays.

A new elite 1000-strong Ranger Regiment would be formed from four “Special Infantry” battalions, including 1 scot, 2 Wells Princes Royal Regiment, 1 Leg, and 4 Rifles. Referendum loading does the government have the right to reduce the size of our military? 0+ votes far awayYes four battalions of 250 soldiers will be assigned to the new special forces. They will be embedded into four UK divisions and permanently sent in small numbers around the world, guiding and fighting local forces.

On this front, troops will make dangerous missions and issue special forces such as SAS with MI6 to counter threats from the Russian GRU and major terrorist networks. Sources said there would be no “retrenchment” as the four battalions established the new Ranger Regiment. To discuss cyber espionage, to pay for space wars, an additional $ 24 billion will be sent from Russia and China to the defense to combat growing threats to Britain’s satellite systems. The number of soldiers killed is 72,500.

A major investment in drone technology, this money will finance tireless flight systems that can spy on the enemy army, bring in and transfer wounded troops. The report warns that the military does not rely too heavily on our reserve troops and better weapons: “In the future, the military will be thinner, more dangerous, faster and more efficient with the present and future. threats. England needs a military force to stop the war when it is strong enough to fight one when necessary.

At all times the background threat of terrorism is exported from abroad or domestically, which may require a very quick military response in the coming years. Something clearly needs to be done so that one can be proactive in dealing with a number of tasks to break up the military problems and threats facing the country. As the Secretary of Defense made clear, the war is not a binary state in which it is declared and then fought to the end.

The occupying powers are already running below the threshold of open warfare, launching cyberattacks, stealing research, spreading false information, and constantly testing security. Click here to read more.”Through more productive integration of reserves, the military will continue globally, increasing the mortality of armed organizations and the credibility of the chairs and skilled workers for the digital age.”

The Royal Navy would lose two warships downstream and send the RAF 14 C-130 Hercules detachment carriers, 24 Axis Storm fighters, and Hawk jets. But despite the high technology boom in our military, many security experts have warned against reducing the number of troops as they would open Britain to Russia or attack China. Lord Richards, head of the security forces 2010-2013, said of these changes: “. traditional skills cannot be compromised.”

were announced by Ben Wallace on Monday (Photo: PA)”I think Russia and China are going to start World War III with us and I don’t have to buy them, but they still have a lot of numbers, if we have high-tech stuff, they’ll get half a million. These high-tech capabilities will not be very large, since the troops have been found.

abilities, then they will look for another way to achieve their goals, and suddenly they will be numbered. And there will be mass. We certainly won’t. It is. “Criticizing the Labor Review, shadow defense secretary John Healy said, “there is a difference between the government’s aspirations and its actions, which has to go up with this new review.”He said: “Further military cuts can seriously limit our military’s ability to engage abroad together, support allies, and maintain strong national security and stability.”