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Amsterdam, Netherlands – (Business Wire) – Pyramid Analytics, a provider of the next generation of reliable analytics platforms for business, today launched Gardner, Inc. Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Sites announced to approve February 2021. It occupies the eighth position of the company. The consecutive year in the Gardner Magic Quadrant report.

“It is an honor to recognize the Gardner Magic Quadrant as one of the top 20 analytics and business intelligence (API) vendors in the market,” said Omri Cole, co-founder, and CEO of Pyramid Analytics. We are redefining our belief that BI and analytics are important skills for companies looking for a quick response to change Huh.

Pyramid has long been recognized for completing its platform to support a wide variety of utility events across multiple markets including financial services, insurance, retail, and manufacturing. By 2020, the focus will be on deepening skills in several important and fundamental ways.

Support for the growth in the cloud — In December 2020, Pyramid Amazon introduced a much stronger, containerized version of the proposal to automate sorting with web services. In addition, Pyramid has developed in-depth support for Kubernetes to support cloud and multi-cloud API implementations by all customers. Simply put: the pyramid is ready to cloud.

Smart Capabilities (Extended) – AI-Drive “Smart” capabilities (NLQ Chatbot, Smart Insights, Smart Model, Smart Discover, Data Structure Analyzer, etc.) are enhanced and enhanced by Pyramid’s traditional API functionality. It is the main driver for user adoption.

Partner Network Expansion-Pyramid has prioritized its partner expansion in 2020. In addition to its increased presence in the AWS market, Pyramid has tie-ups with technology companies such as DataWart and Exosol. By 2021, the company plans to expand its partner network under the guidance of Dave Henry, senior vice president of strategic alliances.

Intensive Integration Support for SAP – In 2020, Pyramid received SAP certification for SAP BW 7.5 and SAP BW 4 / HANA, and official certification for SAP HANA via SQL. The certifications confirmed the pyramid’s ability to deliver world-class BI to companies using SAP’s database technologies to support analysis and decision making.

Expanding Customer Functionality – Pyramid has greatly strengthened customer activation capabilities. These include Richard Osborne’s key appointments as vice president of customer success and William Baldev, vice president of global solutions engineering, leading the client accounting team, developing a training.

The Gardner Magic Quadrant for API platforms provides a comprehensive overview of positions relative to market competitors. It helps company decision-makers understand how technology providers are implementing their stated vision and how they are working against Gardner’s market vision. To view a complimentary copy of the 2021 Magic Quadrant Report for Analysis and Business Intelligence sites, click here. Source: Gardner Magic Quadrant for Analysis and Business Intelligence Site, James Richardson, Kurt Schlegel, Rita Salam, Austin Crohn, Julian Sun, February 15, 2021

hose who use technology to select only vendors with high ratings or other positions. Gardner’s research publications are based on the views of the Gartner research organization and should not be considered a factual report. Gardner discloses all warranties relating to this research, either explicitly or implicitly, including a guarantee of professionalism or fitness for a specific purpose.

About Pyramid AnalyticsPyramid Analytics is a global leader in analytics, providing a reliable business intelligence platform that helps individuals – from power users to knowledge workers to decision-makers – turn their organization into a data-based business. As a full-fledged web-based site, Pyramid combines self-service analytics with centralized management to show scalable usability, encourage real collaboration and facilitate complex analytics. Pyramid provides optimal analytics functionality for companies or companies on campus.

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