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When you try to find out what the future holds for events, one thing is clear – technology will be a major player in any conference for the future. To witness the crystal ball, Bisbos spoke with the CEOs of four major technology companies at the event. the planning process, and what each event producer needs to know about today’s technology.

Regarding the benefits of virtual: Joe Swinger Picture and Founder and CEO of Playplay: Honorable Mention “The scale of the turnaround around the epidemic hasn’t been so rapid in 10 years, when Joe Swinger, founder and CEO of Meeting Player, said the department The technical incidents of “were the upper moment. “” We have introduced the participants to the new standards they have adopted and we hope that will happen in the future. If the epidemic does not take us in this direction, it may take years to bring the digital presence of events to the industry. ”

SpotMay CEO Pierre Medler asked to imagine how virtual the news of an event could be. d months – and 10 times impact,” he said.Meanwhile, BrandLive President and CEO Sam Colbert-Hale found that “brands are taking steps to create different virtual experiences.” Video content creates companies that look smarter on brand television and engage viewers more deeply than traditional web conferences and low-production streaming formats. ”

Johnny Bauhart, founder and CEO of The Future of Hybrids: Hope’s virtual elements of the move are not new – on the contrary, the event is the industry’s overall logical next step. A future. Still open. ”

Johnny Bubart, founder and CEO of HopinBoat, founder and CEO of Hoppinjoni Babar: Hopincobert-Hale recognizes that the future of events is a hybrid of privately constructed personal and virtual events. He explains, “Shared audiences are not lost, and the way behavior changes and normalizing virtual arrivals have changed the way people always interact with events.”Expect more emphasis on the content and not the trailer on the trailer. ub-driven and online audience-driven content industry.

“Don’t treat your virtual participants like second-class citizens; just imagine how you can put together a comprehensive and equally interesting event for all sides,” Swinger compared the hybrid to an event in the Super Bowl Of. ch it on TV, people who enjoy it personally. Our work will be in the future. is.” Super Bowl, not a playoff game. ”

Now what the participants want: Mettler said that last year saw a big change in participants’ preferences. Your technical layer should be directly and always motivated,” he said.

Bufferhat said, “A year later, people are now exploring the option of how they want to participate in the show. … Some formats are a difficult alternative to the real thing. Webinars and video conference veenos [because] They are not. Allow conference attendees to meet and explore new people in person. Event makers must empower participants to explore things directly, such as their own event – and use event technology to help them and allow participants to experience the world beyond a regular video conference. ”

SpotMeephoto CEO, SpotMePhoto CEO Pierre Maderell: Honoring SpotMiefer Colbert-Heal, this year is about to realize that many of his assumptions are wrong. s.” “Therefore, when we look at the data it is completely wrong. Out of all the customers, most of the participants are now using some or all of the events on their phones.”

One more important thing? The way of working is necessary and easy to use. make sure that everyone logs in and gets a clean and engaging experience without any frustration. Uses any tool, ”said Colbert- Hull.

Swinger described how technology has changed the planning process: “Digital event technology tools are increasingly considered when planning an event.” “Initial COVID, mobile applications and digital activity on the property came months before the event. Now, ‘Do we have an incident?’ Watch digital play.

Colbert-Hale believes that the quality of video content plays an important role in transforming video content into a hybrid event model. “Video makes all the difference to virtual events. It’s a big reason why a user can change your event weekly compared to countless other conference calls and video conferencing,” he said. It has been reported that there is a need to use mixed formats with video content.

Sam Colbert-Hale, President & CEO of BrandLivePhotos: Honor BrandLiveHay, “Speaking and attending a virtual event is like television to create an event, so go ahead and follow the media stream (like ‘Start’ ‘And thank you for participating’ in the music), multi-camera dynamic program and a high-level video conversion, retreat and review between feed, scene, music title and video title for Sikh Transactions, “he said about Colbert-Hale. said in.” Audiences use live events to add asynchronous scenes before and after events. Everyone is special and jaw dropping. ”

Here’s what event makers need to know about event technology: Buberhat predicts that events will not be common, citing the Freeman Data Solutions survey, in which 78% of brand marketers use a hybrid model that predicts ” That all major future events will have virtual elements, not just marketers ”.