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Human rights are the fundamental rights and liberties that each and every individual on the planet has from birth to death. The right to life is the most basic human right, and it extends to most of those aspects that make life meaningful, such as food, education, employment, general wellbeing, and freedom. These rights provide us respect and urge us to treat others with respect as well, such as kindness, honesty, and equality. The Human Rights Program conveys a planet where everyone can have the liberty to enjoy all of their human rights equally and live with honor. Human rights include:
Political rights: A person’s right to participate in their community’s democratic life without unequal treatment or injustice. These include the freedom to vote, privacy rights, and the right to free speech and liberty from torturing.
Societal rights: An individual’s ability to succeed and grow as well as participate in community activities. The right related to health, educational rights, and the right to employment are all included in this category.
Collective rights: Rights that apply to groups of people as well as individuals. For example, collective rights to the homeland are held by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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