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SLS as Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Sanusi Lamido, part of Sanusi’s legacy, CBN (2009-2014) is the beginning of good corporate management policy, which prescribes a maximum tenure of 10 years for Bank Managing Director and MD is. Apparently, it was set up as a guarantee against the bank’s self-regulatory managing directors, MD, some of whom set up banks after CBN, (under Sukuma Salto as governor) who in 2004 Merged the banking sector with private sector investment.

With the exception of the likes of Zenith Bank’s Zim Oviya and UPA’s Tony Elumelu, they have doubled as majority shareholders in established banks, so within five (5) years they return to the presidency after falling asleep on libel Aya, former CEO of IPTC, Etto Peterside, a private he started ANAP Jets, a leasing company, and Access Bank’s former MD / CEO, Igboose Emuquet, chairman of Vapic Insurance – a subsidiary of Access Bank. Activities of several academic and international organizations dedicated to climate change. Sanusi has good corporate governance as a former MD of Sky Bank, who was influenced by the tsunami. Femi Akinfenwa at Femi Okinola has switched to the oil / gas field as MD of Ford / Oil.

Unlike others, Nova founded the commercial bank at the end of his ten-year tenure as MD of UPA’s Philips Odusa (who took over the leadership from Elumelu). Also, soon for Zenith Bank’s GMT, Peter Ambo (who replaced current CBN Governor Godwin Amble) founded a bank-globesbank and served as chairman after retirement.

Emega Emuwa recently left Union Bank, where she has worked as an MD since 2012. But he may be asleep because he is not in the public domain where he is or what he does or is currently outside of the financial services sector. .Nimadi Okonkwo, the most recently retired MD of a bank, is the former CEO of Fidelity Bank. He is currently sleeping – take proper rest.

Will he establish a bank as a former deputy governor of CBN and former MD of Vema Bank in a related area such as a bank or fintech business like Oduja and Amanbo, the establishment of Blatterway by Dante Lemo, a money transfer platform. making waves? Recently, Blitwave Services was shut down by CBN to cut funding for shut-in protests under a strategy by Best Financial Institutions, which #ENDSars opposed in October? But it is back in business today as a unicorn – according to analysis the b1b – c chain raised 170 million meters of capital.

Sekun Akbaje, MD / CEO of GT Bank, is scheduled to retire in a few months – especially in June – the pre-retirement leave is scheduled to begin from this month.He is already a member of PepsiCo’s board.Will he remain in the financial services sector or will he produce and manufacture products for the real sector rather than the services provided as a banker?The first founder and CEO of a bank presented a blessed memento to its co-founder Toyo Aderino, Fola Adiola.

He made a clear distinction from the banking sector by not being a leader. Instead, he went on to other endeavors.He founded the FATE Foundation, philanthropy, and later entered politics by running for EFCC President Nuhu Ribadu as the Vice Presidential Candidate. Of Nigeria, A.C.N.

Alex Otty, former MD / CEO of Diamond Bank, has retired to fight for his governorship. After two unsuccessful attempts to become a supporter of the Umuahia government house in Abia State, he is still moving on the political path in the hope that he will be lucky for the third time.

Recently, Tokunbo Abiru resigned as MD / CEO of Polarisbank to fight for the post of senator in Lagos. He is now a service senator, probably running for governor of Lagos State, ending the office tour of the current governor, Jid Sanno-Olu.

Surprisingly, the former bank CEO did not retire from education in Nigeria, as did Pat Utomi when he retired from Volkswagen, Nigeria as acting MD / CEO at Pan Africa University, where he is now a training professor. Huh. Even former CBN Governor Sukuma Salto is intellectually interested. Instead, he seeks a Kubernatorial seat in Anbra State, which he had survived in the past as he ran for a state governor rather than being the governor of the CBN – also known as the governor of wealth.

In the absence of many intellectuals, of course many have lost practical knowledge because those reserves do not share or pass on to the new generation in our higher educational institutions.

While senior bankers (such as MDs and EDs) have a focus on attractiveness in their respective banks, some of them have personally helped develop the balance (Zenith Bank, GT Bank, UPA, Access Bank) and time to leave. There is no future generation of financial institutions who need to impart their knowledge through lectures at industrial training sites like training centers, FIDC etc., how much time bankers should be allowed to work as part-time lecturers in universities.
Unlike bankers, some large real-world players have changed from industry to diplomacy. When he retired as head of Cadbury, Christopher Gould was appointed High Commissioner to Nigeria in the United Kingdom of England.In addition to the bank’s CEOs, several bank EDs, such as Elias Ankenzua, exited Asus Bank in 2019 with the discovery of Globesbank. Fidelis Annapay, former director of Citibank Nigeria, started the manufacturing world with a focus on the pharmaceutical sector, with a focus on the banking sector to establish Fiston Pharmaceuticals.

Significantly, most of the former bank MDs were appointed to CBN by individuals in Nigeria to set up their own banks to invest in the banking sector leading to bank ownership and even before the recent event for the private sector. Goes (because they are important civil servants) or indeed elderly, resulting in full retirement.

Especially at that time all banks were owned.Former MD of the late Green Nunco Union Bank. Obi Vincent, former CBN governor, and Joseph Sanuki, first MD of Bank MD and later CBN governor, did not forget the success of Otoni, who served as CBN deputy governor.
If the financial services sector opens with the participation of private investors, then who knows they will also apply and get a bank license. Let us assume that they still have the power to overcome the difficulties associated with banks ‘MDShip’.

When he retired as MD of First Bank, Olad formed Olashore Lead Merchant Bank, a bank that is no longer operational. He also founded Olshor International School in Ilico-Ellesha, Ekiti.Ms. Cecilia Ibaru is the first female managing director of a large private bank in Nigeria, she also found Michael Elgrave University in Akbaro-Otter, near Oceanic Bank, Ogeli in Delta State.
Bank Titanium and founder of Nigeria’s most profitable bank, Jim Oviya, who recently paid nearly N100m to shareholders, have also ventured into the field of social investment in education.

He began his search for James Hope College in Akbor, Delta State (which will be the proverbial leader of tomorrow) providing the platform for knowledge development for our development.James Hope – When he was recently licensed to establish a university of the same name, his investment in education earned him some high marks.

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