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The crowd of superhero villains is growing rapidly, with fans not being able to help as the new trailer has been dropped this week, but the former protagonist may be excited to become a hero. James Cunningham’s Suicide Squad is a mix of villains in the DC Universe. As a big fan of John Ostrander’s suicidal group comics, Gunn incorporated many elements from that flow, and it’s clear that his film is completely indebted to the comics as seen by the comics-accurate costumes.

Here is an introduction to all the villains in Kannin’s upcoming suicide squad. Colonel Rick is the character of the flag in this resumed film. The flag is an American flag. Appointed by Special Operations Forces specialist and suicide squad Amanda Waller to lead her new team. His strengths include leadership, strategic networking skills, expert fighter, knife expertise and he can speak Japanese! Colonel Rick Flagg will play Joel Kinnaman (Modified Carbon, RoboCop).

In his live-action debut, Polka Dot Man may not look or feel deadly, but the colorful lehenga worn by the villain should not be considered a joke. Every polka dot in their costumes is – or should we say pierced – a wide variety of weapons and equipment for fighting. Saw a buzz. A flying saucer. Or even a teleportation device.

Polka Dot Man will be taken to the big screen by David Dustmlachian (Toon, Bird Box, Ant Man and The Wash).King Shark has made several appearances in comics and on-screen. He has appeared in Arrow ‘The Flash, the Harley Quinn animated series, and several video games – including the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game. However, Sylvester Stallone’s voice was named Steve Eggie, the on-set shark.

King shark’s abilities include high-speed swimming, cold resistance, superior strength and endurance, regeneration of body tissue, and teeth and nails such as hands. Soul Soria, played by Alice Prague (New Mutants, Predators), is an unknown character, especially because there is no such character in the comics. His character was somehow related and many thought it was a gender reassignment of the villain Juan Soria.

Juan Soria is a common criminal. He wanted to become a superhero but refused to join the Justice League. He later looted a bank and was later selected for a suicide squad. If the soul Soria is a reflection of Juan Soria, his power must include cybernetic development and multilingualism. Cannon’s brother Sean Qin (Avengers: Endgame, Guardians of the Galaxy) portrayed Weasley in his suicide squad. Nobody thinks throwing is a threat or intimidation, but someone sees it and you know that this little person is having problems and is going crazy.

Weisel, nicknamed John Monroe, was a former law student in the 1960s. Studying at Stanford University meant that Monroe was a clever young man, but the fearlessness with which he was bullied pushed him to kill his calf. After killing them, Monroe adopted the name used by his oppressors – Vessel.

Black Card is an observer in the DC Comics universe. Cyborg’s father’s company, S.T.A.R. The soldiers were taken under a ‘1,000’ plot to steal the technology. Laboratories. Blackcard was ultimately dissatisfied with his performance, betrayed by ‘1,000’ and was in a slow mood without any initiative. Blackcard may not be spectacular, but his human strength, advanced energy ability, pain-fighting, and ability to handle powerful technical equipment make him an asset to the suicide squad.

The blockchain will be played by SNL comedian Pete Davidson. Nathan Billion’s T.D.K is the original character of Kannan. Like Soul Soria, D.T.K. An old character is re-imagined. Which character comes to mind? Hand-Fall-Boy-Yes this is his real name.

Introduced in 1989 to the Army of Superheroes, Arm-Fall-of-Boy has the power to remove his limbs and use them as a weapon to defeat humans. It is horrifying to think about it, to say the least, so it is no surprise that most of us have never heard of him before. Advertisement Images It also refers to the removal of hands from their bodies, which only adds to this principle. Not much is known about this character but D.T.K. Detachable is the abbreviation of the child. I think we should know more about them in theaters!

The spearJavelin is really as stupid as he looks. Like Green Lantern’s punches in the comics, Javelin is a worldwide athlete who chooses a life of crime because he knows the life of an Olympic world. Javelin’s skills include excellent javelin skills.

Clumsy and cookie-cutter, Javelin can be a character watcher who can be liked and admired by the audience. If his fate in the film is unfortunate in the comics – note: he has died several times in the comics – then whenever he is on screen, it is better to soak him as much as possible. Javelin, played by German actress Floela Borg (Pitch Perfect 2, Boss Baby), may be in good hands.

Harley QuinnEveryone’s favorite Maiden of Mischief on the Suicide Squad is back. For those who don’t know, Harley Quinn is the Joker’s ex-girlfriend. He was a former psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum before forcing Joker to be involved in a life crime.

In the 2016 Suicide Squad film, Quinn is still Joker’s girlfriend. His character and fighting skills were not as good as he should have been. In his solo film Birds of Prayer, Quinn saw him after the show and revealed his talent. In Cunningham’s Suicide Squad, which takes place after the film Birds of Prayer, we expect to see a new villain, but a funny version of Quinn. Australian actress Margot will play the role of Robbie Quinn.

Captain BoomerangAnother character in response, Captain Boomerang. Australia’s boomerang captain Jay Courtney is the enemy in a flash. The secret weapon he chooses is no one else. He had his own boomerangs with special features like plated, explosive, fire retardant, and electrified boomerang.

Suicidal Squad, Boomerang Self-Control, and Manipulation in 2016. He reflects on the slipcoat as he tries to escape to see if the explosive bracelets work. They are depicted as loving animals, most notably the pink unicorn and the pink color name. Captain Boomerang was also briefly depicted in Birds of Brae, and Courtney is said to have gained control of the role in The Flash series.

No, this is not Lucius Malboy. Sawant, played by Michael Rucker (Guardians of the Galaxy, Fantasy Island), was a villain who wanted to follow in Batman’s footsteps for the first time. Chasing a life of vigilance, Bates said he would not succeed because he did not care for others.

Frustrated, Sawant changed his criminal life. At the same time, he developed a dangerous chemical imbalance in his head, due to which he had non-linear memory and amnesia. In his beautiful days, Sawant was a gifted and birdlike medium.

Suicide Squad Flash is sure to pack a lot of enemies. One of The Flash’s biggest enemies can be found in Thinker and Batman Comics. Named Clifford Divo, Thinker was an unsuccessful lawyer whose career ended in 1933. Divo realized that many criminals have the ability to rule the underworld of Gotham City but have no brains, and the mastermind behind the extras in the villain began his career. Think of yourself dive is eventually caught and joins Team X in exchange for a full apology. In addition to being a brain, the power of the thinker includes t