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You can sign up here to receive it on a workday.A rock musician and orchestral chamber violinist has invented applications that allow remote music to be played. A woman in Toronto said she learned how to order online courses and groceries, but wanted to be with her grandchildren.

I wrote last week about our transition to the epidemic of technology, and asked tech readers to tell us what you like or what you like about virtual life.Some of you have said that you have developed new habits which include online meditation and weekly gathering with friends. Some readers said they are grateful for the virtual posts, but could not wait to visit the library and hug their family members. (Virtual heat to all of you.)

Thanks to the benefits of technology, it helped put us in trouble. Also, be ugly about all this.Here readers have a taste of the techniques that help them cope. Answers are slightly edited. Best wishes to our on-tech teacher Hannah Ingber for choosing her new habits:

I read an online book when he followed it up with a hard copy in front of him. This year, reading together has strengthened our bond from afar. He always calls me and asks me to read another story. – Starker White, Rockford, Inn.As I watched Netflix a lot, I got bored and started making cartoons about how our lives changed during the epidemic and they were shared on Instagram. – Irina Black, San Francisco

One new habit that I found was reading e-books on my iPod. When the libraries closed, I did not know how to fix it. Truth be told, I miss the pleasant feeling of having a body book in my hand, turning a page, and closing the book while you work. I can’t wait to browse the shelves for hidden gems! – Elizabeth Price, Seattle

My new technology habit is the zoom focus class. I have never been able to concentrate successfully (monkey mind max). But being at home, it worked for me with a cup of coffee in my comfortable chair in front of the chimney. Meditation has been a great tool for coping with stress and tension during those terrible, good years. – Julie Lindmark, Showview, e.
I have been geographically away from my former band members for 20 years. During the lockout, we came to know that you can use an app called Jamkasam to play music in real time on the Internet. Go ahead! – Greg Putensky, San Francisco

Since May, I have played about 100 room-music sessions using Jamulus, which eliminated audio communication delays between players hundreds of miles away. I maintained my social connections with my music friends and also made some new music friends. Last, but not least, I am encouraged to continue training. (There is nothing like that, after knowing that you have to play a tough role on the violin from the next day.) – Tom Frenkel, Sunnyside, NY
My new habit is not to order groceries online and stay in touch! I like it. I am 68 years old and retired and have very poor eyesight. My “buyers” did a great job! This is a real improvement, it should be in place. – Patricia Garnett Barley, Bluefield, W.V.

I am 86 years old and I have not embraced anyone in my family for more than a year. But I learned to use Zoom and order my groceries online, both of which helped keep my food free and relaxed. I am taking a great lesson about the Russian writer rebels. I attended services at my synagogue without wearing my snow boots. I went to the art gallery and the opera, regardless of where I dressed or where I parked.

Nevertheless, I miss going into the world. Will it be normal for me again? Time is of the essence. How can I make up for this? Will my grandchildren know me when we will be together for a year. – Sandra Edlin, TorontoMy psychologist visits telehealth and I love it. Not just me, but many others who need mental health care and are not in a position to access it personally. – Laurel Mollison, Jacksonville, PLA.

I teach ballet to older women. When we had to stop dancing together in person, I was inspired to find a way to present the class in some form. With the technical advice of an iPhone, my teenage tripod and my three-year-olds and my nephew, I soon learned to record a ballet class, edit it on my laptop,

The whole learning curve is fun because it includes the skills that children show me. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from my children and use the year inseparable. – Holly Blanchard Rehlwad, Evanston, In.

I bought Deolingo and brushed on French and picked Arabic and German. This is the kind of thing that I make on my schedule every day, at least 20 minutes. It keeps me connected to the world despite my “mental training” and travel restrictions. Also, I think I encouraged my son to take elementary French in his high school course record! – Therese McCauley, St. Paul, e.
I went on an annual women’s trip to Caston Lake with five other women over the weekend. It had to be canceled last year. We started the weekly Zoom Call on Tuesday night after having the kids lie in bed talking and laughing and sometimes crying. This brought us closer once a year on weekends. – Rebecca Andoszewski, Ellicott City, M.D.

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Do schools pay more for internet access? A former AT&T lawyer told The Washington Post that the company has been charging higher fees for schools for years under a consumer funding scheme to offset the cost of the Internet for schools and libraries. (AT&T claims to charge the minimum price required by law.)

One question: Is the government doing very little for the police with these funds, or is the plan serious? Here is an article from 2003 about fraud in both internet funds.Humor doesn’t count: Since Facebook focuses more on posts that glorify violence, computer and human evaluators have mistaken political satire for dangerous accusations, including my colleague Mike Issac. Internet companies have long had a problem not understanding the context of posts.