Black Hills Powwow In Photos

Experience the magic and light of the 35th annual Black Hills Powwow.

The 35th annual Black Hills Powwow welcomed dancers, singers, artists, and spectators from all over the United States, Canada, and beyond to South Dakota this past October. “Come Dance With Us” has been the theme for many years for this esteemed American Indian cultural event that celebrates the beauty of Great Plains Indigenous song and dance.

There are many dance categories for all different styles and ages, with seven places in each category.

The women’s cloth dance has a Southern and Northern style. While both have outfit variations, most dancers carry a fan, purse, and shawl.

 Each year, the Black Hills Powwow dance competition grows and brings new dancers from many nations and of many ages.

 Many different kinds of dances are seen at powwows, and the dancers’ outfits help distinguish between each dance.

The Grass Dance has evolved into a highly competitive form of Northern dancing, believed to have come from boys tying grass on their outfits.

The Jingle Dress dance is one of the most well-known Native American dances, easily spotted because of the dress with metal cones called “ziibaaska’iganan.”

From our February/March 2024 issue.
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PHOTOGRAPHY: Courtesy Visit Rapid City

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