Life skills program creates supportive environment for students with disabilities

FORT LAUDERDALE. Fla. – Laurenia Fahie, a Fort Lauderdale police officer, was emotional Tuesday as she spoke with Local 10 News about her son Eldred, who suffered a traumatic brain injury at the age of seven after being hit by a car.

FLPD Officer Quinton Wright, known as Officer Q,is also school resource officer at Seagull Alternative High School, located at 425 SW 28th St., in Fort Lauderdale, where there’s a unique program called Adults with Abilities.

Officer Q has formed a special bond with the students, including Eldred, who is his colleague’s son and now 29 years old.

Officer Q expresses his goal of changing one life per year, and this deeply touches Fahie, who teared up with joy knowing that her son has a supportive place to learn and thrive.

“Most police officers do a 30-year career and my goal is to change one life a year,” he said.

Fahie told Local 10 News that she feels grateful for Officer Q’s impact and the community’s support.

“It allows me to go to work because I know he’s safe,” she said.

As Eldred expresses his gratitude and newfound perspective on life, he and his family remain thankful for Officer Q and the blessings in their lives.

“They come and smile and if they smile what do I have to be angry about or sad about it’s just blessings and blessings,” said Fahie.

For more information on the Adults with Abilities program, click here.

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