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Here at Marvelous Cars, we strive to provide the best vehicle repair and services to our customers. We are a mobile mechanic that provides on-the-go services wherever and whenever a customer needs us the most.  —   Being a mobile mechanic, we come to our customers. This reduces the hassle of our customers waiting around in a garage when they can be at work or at home.

We also do pick up and drop-off services for when our customers’ vehicle is due for an MOT inspection. Please head to ‘Our Services’ page to explore our range of options. 

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Your vehicle’s engine is always working hard- from the moment it starts running, the engine itself is already withstanding immense amount of pressure and heat within.

By servicing your car regularly, you are not just preserving the life of your engine, you will also save money in the long run- minimizing the risk of something going wrong within the engine bay.

We offer different plans and options for different servicing needs. Please contact us for more information.


Braking is the most important safety feature of any vehicle, and unfortunately, they are the fastest part of any vehicle to wear down.

Keeping up on when you need to change your brakes can be difficult, as they can sometimes wear down unexpectedly, and next thing you know, the brakes of your vehicle have stopped working.

We offer competitive price and plans for new brake pads and disks. Following and working with the customer’s needs is our top priority.


Did your vehicle suddenly stop working at home, or at work, due to an unknown reason? We are happy to help you from the moment you call us.

From MOT Failure, Engine Swap, Clutch, to any simple repairs, we are happy to offer our call-out service wherever and whenever it’s suitable for our customer

Due to millions of branded parts in the market, we understand that our customers may want to save money, or maybe use the most premium, or dealership part. Please contact us to discuss different options.


Knowing what’s wrong with a specific function of a vehicle can be a difficult and dirty task. 

With our experience and equipment, we can help you pinpoint what’s going wrong with your vehicle.

In addition, we can also diagnose problems that may occur in the future.

Please contact us for more information and pricing 

We Cover – London – Hertfordshire – Bedfordshire – Sussex – Essex and the South East 

Regards Marvelous

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