New Branding for Travel Insured

Travel Insured International, the well-known travel insurance provider, has a new look, thanks to a recent brand refresh. The company now sports an all-new logo, brand colors, imagery, and market positioning. This new outlook emphasizes Travel Insured’s dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction and forging meaningful connections with its curious and adventurous travelers.

Travel Insured has been around since 1994, and the brand revitalization strikes a balance between preserving the credibility of the Travel Insured name while giving it a fresh look. This fusion of tradition and innovation exemplifies the company’s commitment to maintaining customers’ trust earned for almost three decades. 

“The core of our brand refresh is a vision rooted in inspiring and nurturing human curiosity and connections,” said Barb Merwin, President of Travel Insured International. “Our mission is to take a strategic and diversified approach to designing and delivering insurance products and services, aiming to alleviate the stress of travel disruptions. We want to ensure that every traveler embarks on their journey feeling safe and assured.” 

Travel Insured’s new logo is the centerpiece here—it is thoughtfully designed to symbolize the protection and coverage that the company provides. This emblem embodies the security that comes when travelers know they are safeguarded against the uncertainties of traveling. 

There’s also a new tagline, “Protection that meets you in the moment. We are here. Go be there.” These ideas capture the company’s promise to provide unwavering support and protection so travelers can explore the world without hesitation. Travel allows people to break free from routine, make memories and connections, and explore the world, and this is what  Travel Insured is dedicated to empowering.

This revitalized brand identity has been rolling out gradually, with the company updating its website, social media platforms, and email communications with consumers and partners. Upcoming phases will introduce enhanced marketing materials, partner communications, and comprehensive documentation to further enhance the traveler’s experience. To see the brand refresh, visit

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