New World Shares Details On Season 5 Testing, Slayer Script, And Player Vs. Door Issues

Season of the Guardian has been live on the New World test server for quite some time now and Amazon has taken time to address some of the major feedback it’s received. Once again, it mostly has to do with balance as the studio reveals in its latest Forged in Aeternum video.

First up is the Slayer Script, a soon-to-be introduced backend tech which promises to improve combat and animation performance. The dev team acknowledges that getting it to work has taken up a large portion of their time and that there are still a few kinks that they need to iron out which will be addressed with major fixes and animation updates once the season begins on March 12.

The developers also revealed nerfs coming to two of the new artifacts and Outpost Rush doors to make them easier to break down, allowing players to focus more on PvP instead of what the devs jokingly referred to as Player vs. Door (PvD) encounters. They’ll also be tweaking the equipment loadout changes once things have settled down and shared plans to rebalance mana management, add a new weapon, and make existing ones more fun to use.

Player experience design lead J.R. and combat designer Josh Hurley offers up more details in Forged in Aeternum: Episode 79 below.

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