PETA Sets Sights On ‘Illegal Roadside Zoo’ And Its Owner

A screen capture from a recent Instagram video posted by social media personality Michael Holston, appears to show him wrestling a camel at The Wyld Jungle, which PETA says is an illegal roadside zoo he owns near Temecula Valley Wine Country. Valley News Courtesy photo. Used with permission.

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals has targeted a social media personality who has faced numerous charges in Florida for violations of that state’s fish and wildlife laws and who has opened an exotic animal zoo near Temecula Valley Wine Country called “The Wyld Jungle.”Owned and operated by Michael Holston, The Wyld Jungle, located at 38831 Pauba Road, is being targeted by PETA due to “continued exhibition of regulated species without a license.”In a March 27 letter addressed to Roxanne Mullaney Deputy Administrator of USDA-APHIS-Animal Care, an attorney representing PETA, said that the animal rights group had submitted “two prior complaints to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) reporting this apparently unlawful activity and yet, to date, the agency h

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