Reba McEntire denies calling Taylor Swift an ‘entitled brat’ | Entertainment

Reba McEntire has denied calling Taylor Swift an “entitled brat”.

The country music singer, 68, was alleged earlier this week on a widely circulated Facebook page called ‘America Loves Liberty’ to have hit out at the star after allegedly having an issue with how Taylor, 34, apparently acted during Reba’s performance at the 2024 Super Bowl.

It said: “Reba McEntire talks about how disappointed she was to look up at the big screen while performing ‘The National Anthem’, only to see Taylor Swift laughing and drinking and making a mockery of the event. (Reba responded): ‘I let her have it afterward. She’s an entitled little brat.’”

Reba has now used a post on Instagram to share a screenshot of the ‘America Loves Liberty’ post – and to deny she ever said what the page claims.

She captioned it: “Please don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. I did not say this.”

Reba added: “Taylor is a wonderful artist, strong role model and has done so much good for so many people and the music industry.”

Reba performed the US national anthem on 11 February during Super Bowl LVIII, while Taylor attended in support of her boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, 34, whose team ended up beating the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 during the game at the Allegiant Stadium in Nevada.

Reba joined other singers who performed during the start of the event, including Post Malone, 28, who sang ‘America the Beautiful’ and Andra Day, 39, who performed ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’.

Usher, 45, played the halftime show.

Reba has been a long-time fan of Taylor’s when she broke through in the country music scene and in December 2023 told NBC’s TikTok she first knew she would be a star when she saw the her perform her song ‘Tim McGraw’ from her debut self-titled album in front of the musician.

She said: “(Taylor) walked down the steps looking right at Tim McGraw singing, and I’m like, ‘This girl’s gonna be a huge star.’

“Number one: to walk, sing, walk downstairs at your icon that you’re really wanting to sing to and impress without a flaw. I mean, I was impressed.”

Reba has also joked she was jealous of Taylor’s relationship with Travis as she had a “crush” on the athlete.

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