Santo Domingo celebrates Dominican art and culture today with its 2024 carnival parade

Santo Domingo – There is nothing left; it is only a matter of time until 3:00 in the afternoon this Sunday for the streets of the National District to be dressed in color, culture, art, and tradition, surrendered to the creativity of 80 groups, groups, and individual characters that will parade in the carnival 2024.

The Malecon of Santo Domingo is ready to be walked to the sound of the Dominicans by hundreds of spectators who are called to witness the groups of the robalagallina, diablos cojuelos, califé, tiznaos Africanos, and monos de Simonico that will be evaluated by a jury that will judge their creativity, color, originality, musicality, and identity.

Only three groups will win first place of 75 thousand pesos, second place of 60 thousand pesos, and third place of 45 thousand pesos in each category before the eyes of the dozens of families that will be present this afternoon.

The vehicular passage on the roads between Máximo Gómez Avenue and 19 de Marzo Street has been closed since last Friday. At the same time, the nine VIP areas and the 12 platforms were just being installed, and the metal fences that prevent passage to the street where the protagonists will parade were entirely installed.

On Saturday morning, 11 people are working on finishing touches and details, focused on delivering what has been demanded of them completely done in the night.

“We are used to doing this work year after year, so there is not much that can be a challenge for us, but if there is one thing we are always asked for, it is safety. We don’t want a stage to fall, a roof to fall, or anything that could endanger someone’s life,” said José Luis Tolentino, representing the San Rafael company.

This year, the novelties of the parade are centered on a special VIP platform in the form of a crescent, located at the Obelisk in honor of the Mirabal Sisters, where the mayor of the National District, Carolina Mejía, and her special guests will be present.

In addition, the closing of the event, scheduled for 7:00 p.m., will be in charge of artists Eddy Herrera, Chimbala, Alex Matos, and Fernando Villalona.

In the Santo Domingo Carnival 2024 framework, the Mayor’s Office of the National District called for Dominican and foreign photographers residing in the country to participate in the Sergio de Jesús Rosario Photography Award, “Pipí 2024”.

The interest is to capture moments and cultural expressions of the carnival artistically, and two categories are contemplated for the awards: individual traditional or fantasy characters and comparsas, traditional or fantasy.

Prizes of RD$100,000, RD$75,000, and 50,000 pesos will be awarded to each category’s first, second, and third-place winners.

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