The 8 Best Travel Gifts for Men

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Shopping for men is hard. Especially when you’re looking for a gift for a frequent flyer or a guy who’s always on his way to another business meeting, they seem to have everything they need. But they might be missing some travel essentials that make travel days a smoother and more enjoyable experience.

To make your life easier, we’ve gathered some of the top travel gear that makes transitioning from home to hotel (or Airbnb) a breeze. We’ve included top tech and fan-favorite items that help men sleep better, maintain their hygiene, and enjoy the comforts of home anywhere in the world.

Here are the eight best travel gifts for men.

Blu Atlas

Nothing says, “I care about your comfort and happiness,” like a full-body cleansing set that keeps him spic-and-span as he travels. Blu Atlas Essentials Travel Set is the best travel gift for men who want to use premium men’s skin and hair-care products on trips and holidays.

Essentials Travel Set comes with four grooming products, which means the men in your life won’t have to use the harsh drying soaps at the hotel. Blu Atlas Shampoo and Conditioner harnesses the power of naturally derived ingredients to remove oil and product build-up and restore hydration to hair.

Blu Atlas Body Wash is a luxurious foaming cleanser that cleans you from top to bottom with pure ingredients like sugar cane, green tea, and aloe vera. Rounding out the set and completing your grooming rituals is the Blu Atlas Face Moisturizer that locks in hydration and keeps skin satisfied all day.

Essentials Travel Set has everything you need to stay fresh, making it the best travel gift for men.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Ahhh, the gift of peace and quiet—he’ll thank you later. There is nothing more beautiful than the sound of sweet, sweet silence. Especially when you’re stuck in the air, and a baby two seats over is howling because one of their crayons broke. Enter–noise-canceling headphones.

Bose headphones are an elite travel gift for men who use public transportation options like planes, trains, and buses. The over-the-ear headphones provide noise-canceling features and high-fidelity sound, so you can listen to your favorite musicians for up to 20 hours.

Ostrich Go Neck Pillow

We know the pillow’s design looks funny, but you’ll forget its quirks after one use. The unique 360° design is perfect for travelers trying to catch some z’s because it offers total neck support, and the velcro strap locks it into position—no more lolling heads and waking up with a crick in your neck.

Go Neck Pillow has a memory foam core for easy storage and provides an incredibly soft experience as you sleep. Squeeze the pillow into the travel bag and watch it get 60% smaller to carry it around or toss it in a bag easily.

DJI Mini 4 Pro

While drones aren’t known for being incredibly affordable, they are an incredible gift for travelers who enjoy taking cinematic videos for work or play. DJI Mini 4 Pro is the newest and most accessible drone that takes crisp videos with 4K/60fps HDR True Vertical Shooting.

Drones are undeniably one of the best travel gifts for men as they allow us to capture fleeting moments in time that we can revisit again and again. DJI is a trusted, well-known brand, and this compact option comes with two batteries that typically last around 34 to 45 minutes, depending on flight type.

Apple AirTag

Say sayonara to the days of lost luggage. Apple AirTags are the new “it” item in the travel scene. After a perfect storm of issues at airports, it became all too common to land at your destination with no checked luggage waiting for you on the other end.

Apple AirTags are a simple way to keep track of your luggage or important items and reduce stress. What is this little round button? It’s a tracking device that uses Apple’s “Find My” network to help you keep track of everything. You can use the tags for more than travel, and other popular uses include tracking electronic devices, car keys, pets, and more.

Manta PRO Sleep Mask

Help the men (or man) in your life sleep anywhere with an eye mask that works like full-length blackout curtains. Manta’s Sleep Mask is a cozy piece of magic with 100% blackout and C-shaped eyecups to fit perfectly on the face.

Manta’s design is nothing like a flimsy travel eye mask made from thin, cheap materials that allow light around the sides. It’s a thick but soft fabric with eye pads that don’t put pressure on the eyelids or lashes.

Cotopaxi Nido Accessory Bag

Elevate his toiletry bag from a 1 Liter Ziplock bag to a well-rounded dopp kit that keeps items organized. Cotopaxi’s Nido Accessory Bag is a multi-purpose tool for essentials like toiletries, small electronics, or other everyday essentials.

With a travel gift like this, you will be helping your son, brother, father, or husband organize their luggage and leave room for more important things—like souvenirs for you! The kit has 4L of packing space with three compartments and zippered pockets to keep items locked in place.

Cotopaxi’s travel bags are “guaranteed for good,” they offer a lifetime warranty plus repairs, which is an excellent choice for guys who go on rugged outdoor adventures.

Google Chromecast

With this gift, he can toss the comfort of home—and a late-night Netflix marathon—into his luggage whenever he hits the road. Google’s Chromecast device is a streaming stick with a dongle (device on the left) that plugs into a TV and a remote that allows you to “cast” TV shows, movies, and more from an app on your phone to a larger device like a television. Popular streaming apps include Netflix, Max, YouTube, Apple, Spotify, and Hulu.

We don’t want to get into the nitty-gritty of how the device works, but with the streaming stick and device, it’s easy to “cast” from an app on your phone and enjoy your favorite shows before bed on a larger device like a television.

The device is easy to install and compatible with most TVs, which makes it one of the best travel gifts for men.

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