The biggest blowouts in March Madness women’s history

The women’s NCAA tournament is often heralded for its huge upsets, game-winners at the buzzer and championship runs, but a large contributor to the Madness we find in March is the blowout performances of teams looking to assert their dominance on their way to the next round.

Here are the 10 biggest blowouts in NCAA women’s basketball tournament history, taken from

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89-point diff. — Baylor vs. Texas Southern (2017)

Final score: 119-30
Leading scorer, points: Beatrice Mompremier, 22
Round winner was eliminated: Elite Eight

88-point diff. — UConn vs. Saint Francis (Pa.) (2018)

Final score: 140-52
Leading scorer, points: Azura Stevens, 26
Round winner was eliminated: Final Four

74-point diff. — Tennessee vs. North Carolina A&T (1994)

Final score: 111-37
Leading scorer, points: Dana Johnson, 24 
Round winner was eliminated: Sweet 16

72-point diff.— Cheyney vs. Monmouth (1983)

Final score: 107-35
Leading scorer, points: Rosetta Guilford, 28
Round winner was eliminated: Sweet 16

72-point diff. — UConn vs. LIU (2001)

Final score: 101-29
Leading scorer, points: Diana Taurasi, 13
Round winner was eliminated: Final Four

71-point diff. — UConn vs. Hampton (2000)

Final score: 116-45
Leading scorer, points: Shea Ralph, 20
Round winner was eliminated: Won national championship

69-point diff. — Duke vs. Southern U. (2006)

Final score: 96-27
Leading scorer, points: Monique Currie, 23
Round winner was eliminated: Won national championship

68-point diff. — UConn vs. Lehigh (1997) 

Final score: 103-35
Leading scorer, points: Paige Sauer, 17
Round winner was eliminated: Elite Eight

68-point diff. — UConn vs. Idaho (2013)

First Round: UConn blows past Idaho

Final score: 105-37
Leading scorer, points: Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis, 22
Round winner was eliminated:  N/A, National champions

65-point diff. — Tennessee vs. Stetson (2011)

Final score: 99-34
Leading scorer, points: Shekinna Stricklen, 22
Round winner was eliminated: Elite Eight

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Each of the games with the largest margins of victory in women’s NCAA tournament history came in first round, 1 vs. 16 (or 8) seed games, where lopsided matchups are notorious for large point differentials. Of the matchup listed, only two of the losing teams scored over 40 points (Hampton- 45, Saint Francis- 52); all but two of the winning teams scored over 100 points in their victories (Duke- 96, Tennessee- 99)

UConn accounts for five of the top-10 blowouts of all time, while Tennessee is the only other program with multiple listings in the top 10 at two. Additionally, the Huskies are the only program listed to have won a national title after their huge first-round wins, being crowned champs in 2000 and 2013.

Here is the complete list:

You’ll note that the winning, No. 1 seed is listed first in each matchup. Additionally, the field of teams in the tournament was expanded from 32 to 64 in 1994.

margin matchup final score year
89 Baylor vs. Texas Southern 119-30 2017
88 UConn vs. Saint Francis (Pa.) 140-52 2018
74 Tennessee vs. N.C. A&T 111-37 1994
72 Cheyney vs. Monmouth 107-35 1983
72 UConn vs. LIU 101-29 2001
71 UConn vs. Hampton 116-45 2000
69 Duke vs. Southern U. 96-27 2006
68 UConn vs. Lehigh 103-35 1997
68 UConn vs. Idaho 105-37 2013
65 Tennessee vs. Stetson 99-34 2011

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