The Clever Way Savvy DIYers Should Be Reusing Salt And Pepper Shakers

If you don’t have any already, you can purchase salt and pepper shakers from Amazon for $12.99 or a 30-pack to bulk up for $28.99. To get started with this trick, you’ll first need to decide what you want to put inside them and gather your essentials, whether that be jewels, dried flowers, paperclips, toothpicks, glitter, or other crafting titbits. Next, simply unscrew the lids and slip your items inside, filling it until the top if you can. Now, whenever you’re doing your DIY crafting, just grab a shaker and unscrew the lid, take out or sprinkle what you need, and get to work on your project! This could come in especially handy if you have younger children joining in, as they’ll be able to easily use it. 

When you’re done, simply slip them away in a box or a drawer until next time. Alternatively, if you have a special crafts room or office, you could always leave them on display on a countertop, making for even easier access. Even if you don’t want to use them for DIY, you have other options, such as packing away nuts or seeds in them. Whatever you decide to do with them will be much better than throwing them in your trash. 

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