The possibilities to adapt the technology for other crops is almost endless

HarvestEye is a technology that has been developed over a number of years that enables those within Potato and Onion supply chains to access data insight into size and variation at a field, variety, and even at a grower level. The idea was born out of the challenge facing most within the sector of always chasing down particular sizes of crop.

“The data insights provide an early indication of the size profile of the crop, enabling you to understand very quickly if you have an oversupply or undersupply scenario. This enables you to buy early for the crop you need and proactively find buyers for what you have too much of,” explains Harry Tinson, General Manager at HarvestEye.

It can also give data on relative yield and as the system has GPS capabilities, a variation map showing marketable yield at a field level.

“The camera is fitted above the harvesting belt with the tablet in the tractor cab, data is then processed and sent to an online portal for customers to slice and dice the information as required. We started out using this tech on potatoes and now also on onions, but the possibilities to adapt the technology for other crops is almost endless.”

HarvestEye were at Fruit Logistica and had interest from growers of all kinds of fruit and vegetables. At the show they launched a new product, the HarvestEye Handheld.

“We had lots of feedback from customers asking for more data across their harvesting process, and we got to work – the result is the Handheld, a product designed to be taken into the field or used in quality bays to digitize the test-dig trials process of sizing. Customers already with HarvestEye are able to take the tablet out of the cab and, with some additional software, begin using it. We sent a report on size distribution, which is much more accurate than the old method of digging up a patch of potatoes and looking at the sizes. We are seeing our customers using the technology in different ways, moving it onto the grader or scanning trucks on the way out of the facility. They are also using it as a validation tool for agronomy; companies are looking at ways to reduce inputs to fields, be more sustainable, and get to net zero carbon. By using this tech, they can make changes and record concrete results.

“We offer our systems to buy and to rent with many people choose to rent for the first year to try it out, then come back and buy it. Our website shows the different options open to customers as we tailor the pricing to what the customer needs, from simple but powerful daily reports through to bespoke reporting and API data transfer.”

For more information:
Harry Tinson
Harvest Eye
Tel.: +44 (0)1522 302 950

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