Crafts from quake-hit Ishikawa featured in Tokyo fair

A sales event in Tokyo featuring traditional crafts from Ishikawa Prefecture has seen a lot of visitors. The area was devastated by the Noto Peninsula earthquake on New Year’s Day.

The craft fair began on Friday. About 20,000 items from the prefecture are on offer at special prices.

One of the vendors is from Wajima City, an area that was very hard hit by the quake. His lacquerware shop was severely damaged and many products were destroyed.

It’s not known when the shop can be reopened as almost 30 of the craftspeople are still living at evacuation centers.

Some of the broken bowls on display at the fair hint at the extent of the disaster.
The vendor’s president, Okagaki Yugo, said he is encouraged by all the heartfelt message from customers.

One visitor said she came to the fair to show her support by purchasing the crafts, as she can’t visit the Noto area and help directly.

The event will run through Sunday.

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