Female motorcycle officers make history

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) – Two female motorcycle officers for the Panama City Police Department make history as the first of their kind for the department.

Officers Chantelle Vanstone and Elise Cady might look different than many police officers, and their police vehicles might look different too.

However, if you ask them, they’re the same as any other officer who would come to your aid, when you need help.

“It’s people serving people; these uniforms are just uniforms,” Officer Vanstone said.

“I don’t feel like we should stand out as far as, I guess women. We should all have an equal praise,” she added.

They say motorcycles are much easier to maneuver and you can get to places faster.

When overcoming stereotypes in male-dominated law enforcement, they say you must educate yourself, be confident, and find your voice.

“No matter how small or what gender you are, if you have a presence, you know, it will show,” said Officer Vanstone.

“You know your stuff; you know your statutes. So, you can, like she said earlier, command presence,” said Officer Cady.

Working demanding hours, they say they are constantly at work, but they still enjoy the job, and they say it’s not for the weak.

Officer Vanstone says her mother encouraged her to become a police officer and her daughter helps her stay motivated each day.

“My daughter is a big advocate for me, so she keeps me motivated, keeps me going, she tells me. She says, Mom, you got to go save the world today,” she said.

Both say they love shooting guns the most.

“My favorite gun was my shadow system. It’s just, it’s really good. I love it, but I no longer have that gun, so the one we have right now is my new favorite, our Glock 45 9mm,” Officer Cady said.

Officer Cady says she fell in love with the area and made Panama City her home after her father’s death.

“It made me want to be as good as I can and make myself better, rather than tear me up and make me a worse person.”

Both encourage any woman who is interested in the field to join them.

“If there are any women out there and this is a passion for you, do it, and don’t let anyone stop you!” Officer Vanstone concluded.

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