How to make Life and Humans in Infinite Craft

Infinite Craft continues to take the internet by storm and goes on to prove a  simple, well-executed idea by a one-man development team is better than a poor idea (like countless mainstream games) that have taken years to produce.

The browser-based phenomenon sees you crafting an infinite number of possibilities within its sandbox, simply by combining elements to see what the outcome is. If you are the first person on the planet to make the discovery, you get a converted First Discovery badge forever. And that is a huge buzz.

We have already looked at how to make a couple of cool monsters in Infinite Craft using some tricky combinations. So we thought, ‘Why not give them something to eat?’

So today we are going to do in a few minutes what it took evolution a bit longer to get around to and first create life, then Adam and Eve, and then Humans. 

And once we have humans, we can really set about wrecking the joint.

How to make Life in Infinite Craft

You obviously can’t get to Humans without creating life. Once you have life you can have death. And Batman (look we didn’t make this thing!). You can even get one of the most famous humans on the planet, Donald Trump.

One of the most useful ways of making Life is to combine Steam + Venus, and we need Venus to get us to Humans later on. 

You can make Life using other methods like the obvious Death + Reincarnation or the less obvious Earth + Mars. But we will stick with the Venus route today.

Here is what we need to do for this stage

How to make Venus

  • Earth + Wind = Dust.
  • Wind + Fire = Smoke.
  • Earth + Dust = Planet.
  • Water + Smoke = Fog.
  • Planet + Fog = Venus.

Now just one more stage to get to life:

Steam + Venus = Life

Now we’re talking.

How to make Humans in Infinite Craft

As we mentioned earlier, we need Adam and Eve to get to Humans. Ooh, we haven’t tried giving an apple to Adam. Must do that in a bit…sorry, sidetracked with this stupid game..

There are a couple of pre-requisites to get all the way here so we need Dust, Smoke, and Steam in our inventory to start with and then we need to get to Venus, which we showed you how to do above. Whereas we used Steam + Venus to give us life, to get Adam we need:

Venus + Mud = Adam

There he is, in God’s own image, with a bit of mud. He’s all lonely now so let’s get Eve.

Adam + Venus = Eve

Watch out for the snake. And finally, to get to Humans we simply combine 

Adam + Eve = Humans

There are other ways to get to Humans, but we thought we would keep it generally in line with the story. Add Adam to Earth to get Man which you will need for other items along the way.

Once you have humans you can work towards AI. What could go wrong there? Don’t forget you can play Infinite Craft for free at the Neal.Fun website.

Featured Image: AI-generated in Ideogram

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