Advice for car Insurance online

Are you looking for advice on car insurance online?

If the answer’s yes, you’re not alone. Finding the cheapest car insurance can be a real headache.

Types of policy depend on a number of factors: your type of car, location, and level of driving experience, for instance. If you’re a newly qualified driver, male, and driving a second-hand car, unfortunately your insurance is likely to be through the roof, because, sadly, you are most at risk. Young people have more accidents than older motorists, especially teenage boys.
Many 18 year olds are deterred from driving due the high levels of insurance.

Third party insurance is cheaper than comprehensive insurance, no matter your age or type of vehicle, which makes it popular with young people. The law stipulates that you must have at least third-party insurance. This applies even if your car is parked on the street, a drive way, or at a garage.

At The Money Office, we’ll connect you with those that offer the best advice on car insurance available. We can also help find advice on pet insurance, health/medical insurance, and home insurance.

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