(VIDEO ENHANCED) INN Interview Highlights Prismo Metals’ Exploration in Palos Verdes (Silver), Los Pavitos (Gold), and Hot Breccia (Copper) Projects


Vancouver, BC  March 21, 2024 — Investing News Network( INN)

During the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)convention, the Investing News Network (INN), a premier source forresource and mining news and investor education, filmed interviewswith experts and CEOs of leading companies. In a recent CEO Interviewpublished on, Mari-Len DeGuzman interviewed AlainLambert, the Executive Chairman of Prismo Metals PRIZ at PDAC.Lambert discussed updates and strategic plans for the company’ssilver, copper, and gold projects, including the latest on theircollaboration with Vizsla Silver and forthcoming exploration efforts.

Strategic Collaboration andExploration at Palos Verdes

Lambert reminded viewers that Palos Verdes, a silver prospect inMexico, stands as one of Prismo Metals’ flagship properties.Surrounded by Vizsla Silver Corp. VZLA territory, whichencompasses the remainder of the district, Prismo benefits from astrategic relationship with Vizsla. Following a recent $34 millionbought deal closure by Vizsla, Lambert highlighted their ongoingcollaboration, which includes a technical committee aimed at exploringthe district’s northeast.

With three successful drilling campaigns under their belt, PrismoMetals is preparing for a robust exploration program into PalosVerdes. Lambert expressed excitement about the upcoming fourthdrilling campaign, which will extend into Vizsla’s already permittedproperty, promising further insights into the prospect’s potential.

</span></p><p style=”text-align:left; “><span style=”font-weight:bold; “>Los Pavitos and Hot Breccia:Expanding Exploration Horizons</span></p><p style=”text-align:left; “>In addition to Palos Verdes, Prismo Metals is making waves with theirLos Pavitos gold prospect, spanning over 5,300 hectares in the SonoraState, Mexico. The first drilling campaign in 2023 yielded exceptionalresults, extending the prospective zone significantly. Plans forgeophysics and further drilling later this year are in place tocapitalize on these findings.</p><p style=”text-align:left; “>Moreover, Lambert shed light on the Hot Breccia copper project inArizona, poised to capture investors’ attention. Awaiting drillingpermits, Prismo anticipates initiating exploration on this property,situated in the heart of Arizona’s copper belt. With historical databacking its potential, the focus will soon shift to twinning oldholes, exploring the vast copper resources. </p><p style=”text-align:left; “><span style=”font-weight:bold; “>Investment Appeal and FutureFocus</span></p><p style=”text-align:left; “>Addressing investors at PDAC, Lambert confidently positioned PrismoMetals as a compelling investment opportunity, drawing parallels withrecent successes in the space, such as Hercules Silver Corp.<Origin Href=”QuoteRef”>TSXV:BIG</Origin>. With high expectations for the Hot Breccia project andcontinued exploration at Palos Verdes and Los Pavitos, Prismo Metalsis dedicating substantial resources to uncover the next significantdiscovery.</p><p style=”text-align:left; “>As Prismo Metals gears up for a year filled with promising explorationactivities and strategic collaborations, Lambert’s message toinvestors is clear: keep a close eye on Prismo Metals. With a strongexploration strategy and potential for significant discoveries, PrismoMetals represents an intriguing opportunity in the mining sector.</p><p style=”text-align:left; “>For more insights on Primso Metals check INN’s exclusive profile ofthe company:</p><p style=”text-align:left; “><a href=”” target=”_blank”><span style=””></span></a></p><p style=”text-align:left; “>For complete coverage of The Prospectors & Developers Associationof Canada (PDAC) 2024 visit: <a href=”” target=”_blank”><span style=””></span></a></p><p style=”text-align:left; “><span style=”font-weight:bold; “>About the Investing NewsNetwork:</span></p><p style=”text-align:left; “>The <a href=”” target=”_blank”><span style=””>Investing News Network</span></a> (INN) is a leading sourceof independent news and educational content for investors. Since 2007,INN has been providing breaking news, analysis and expert commentaryon the latest developments in the resources and mining, tech, and lifescience sectors. With a global network of reporters and analysts, INNis committed to providing accurate, timely and actionable informationto investors.</p><p style=”text-align:left; “>For more information, please visit the Investing News Network websiteat <a href=”” target=”_blank”><span style=””></span></a> .</p><p style=”text-align:left; “>Contact:</p><p style=”text-align:left; “>Chris Smith </p><p style=”text-align:left; “>CSO </p><p style=”text-align:left; “>Investing News Network</p><p style=”text-align:left; “>+1 (604) 688-8231</p><p style=”text-align:left; “></p><p>Copyright (c) 2024 TheNewswire – All rights reserved.</p></body></html>

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