Goshen family-owned car dealership struggles with insurance after break-in

GOSHEN, Ohio — Just weeks after an alleged break-in at Upscale Auto Sales in Goshen, the owners said their insurance company is the cause of the biggest issues.

In early January, two people were caught on camera breaking into the office of Upscale Auto Sales in Goshen, Ohio and stealing several keys to vehicles parked in the used car dealership’s lot.

“We’re picking up the pieces, slowly but surely,” said Upscale Auto Sales owner, Ashley Hensley.

She and her husband have replaced the broken windows, added a new lockbox for their car keys on the lot and added a new security system.

“Dealing with the insurance has been the biggest migraine,” Hensley said.

She said their insurance policy protects $243,850 worth of inventory. And she said the two vehicles are worth $35,388, but Donegal Insurance Group is only offering them $19,789.

“The policy that they’re saying is coming back that it’s underinsured. My issue is that we have been audited every year for the last almost 10 years and this has never been brought up,” Hensley said.

WCPO reached out to Donnegal Insurance Group several times to hear their side of the story and get some answers for the Hensleys, but we haven’t heard back.

“It’s a huge impact. Number one, it’s tax season so we have to have money. All of our money is put into these cars,” Hensley said.

As she and her husband continue to deal with the situation Hensley is comparing to a migraine, she’s looking into a new insurance company to switch to and says she’s filed a complaint with the Ohio Department of Insurance.

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