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Nomad TANGO, a nonprofit founded in Santa Barbara in 2021 to promote and support tango dancing, is opening its fourth season with Noche de Tango, Thursday, April 18 at Buena Onda & Empanadas in Santa Barbara.

Because it requires dance partners to be very close together, tango dancing lost its popularity during the pandemic. (Courtesy photo)

The group will host the Gorczynski Tango Quartet, an all-USA Tango band composed of four maestros. Each of the four has performed at great music halls of the world, but they have all fallen in love with tango and now prefer to play in the bohemian rooms as they embrace the South American dance.

Other performances in the Nomad TANGO season will include El Cachivache, an Argentine “tango punk” band in October; and Rememberanzas, a full tango show in November.

Also on the 2024 events calendar are:
Nomad Tango Movie Nights.
Destination: Tango, a program hosting national and international tango maestros.
Nomad Academy, an online series of lectures.
Monday Práctica at Carrillo Recreationa Center, now in its 10th year.

Nomad Tango emerged in the aftermath of the pandemic with the mission of supporting dancers, musicians, and teachers of Tango Argentino. In 2021, the intimate nature of close-contact dancing was impossible, music gatherings were scarce, and theaters were shuttered. Tango faced a challenging time.

Recognizing the significance of this art form, declared a World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2009, Nomad Tango committed to reviving tango.

Tango has recovered and is thriving, according to Nomad Tango which has itself has transitioned to a new phase with a current approach that involves a three-pronged strategy:

Community Support and Expansion: Enhancing the enjoyment of tango in local communities through practicas, classes, and shows featuring live music and professional tango dancing.

Development of the Art Form, including exploring new show formats, music styles, and evolving dance forms to propel the art into the future.

Bridging the distance between Tango in Argentina and in the U.S. by cross-pollination between artists and dancers in the U.S and in Argentina.

Nomad Tango is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

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