School of Science and Technology students share Black history

The School of Science and Technology Elementary School drew a full crowd Thursday evening, with students, families and legends like Aretha Franklin, Bessie Coleman and B.B. King.

At the school’s Black History Month celebration, students researched and played the roles of Black leaders from history and the current day.

Other students researched Black inventors and recreated their inventions, such as Alexander Miles, who invented automatic elevator doors, and ice cream scoop inventor Alfred Cralle.

“Today is our youth continuing the legacy of our African American history,” director of development Denise Hutchinson Bell said. “It’s wonderful that they have taken the initiative to actually research what contributions African Americans have made to society.”

Hutchinson Bell said that teachers engage students from their earliest years in the classroom through high school with lessons designed to incorporate Black history.

Dean of academics K Simon said that students worked for seven weeks to prepare for the event. This is the second year the school has held this event, though the “living history” museum was a new activity this year.

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