Diversity Museum of Art and Culture to house several pieces of art highlighting Black culture

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The new Diversity Museum of Art and Culture being built on the South Side will feature works of art from around the world.

KDKA-TV’s Mamie Bah was given an exclusive look at the pieces and the space that will soon be the new museum’s home.

“It’s a museum gallery and performance venue,” according to the president and architect of the project, Max Mavrovic.

A former steel factory is now a blank canvas and is in the process of being transformed across the river.

“It’ll be located on South Sixth Street.”

Mavrovic is bringing Michael Berger’s vision to life.

Berger’s family has been in business on the South Side for 75 years.

“[There is] nothing on the South Side, so we need a museum on the South Side,” Berger said.

Michael Berger is the collector behind the art. He’s been collecting art for decades, since his days in college. His vision was for something unique with a name to fit.

The Diversity Museum of Art and Culture was born.

The space will be two floors; they’ll add the second floor and an elevator with artwork from all over the globe.

You can expect art from Black artists like Kara Walker and Stephen Towns. Also, work that shines a spotlight on people of color, like pieces from Hung Liu.

These pieces all have one thing in common: They are from the 21st century.

“No works of artists before the year 2000 will be in our museum. That’s the most exciting (aspect). That’s the art of today and tomorrow,” Berger said.

Art of the future and a museum that Berger wants to be ahead of its time.

“Pittsburgh needs to be the center of culture instead of the center of steel because the center of steel was great in its time, but it’s no longer necessary,” Berger stated.

The museum is expected to open later this year.

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