‘Some don’t make it to that age!’

Many GB News readers have been in uproar over a recent proposal to raise the state pension age to 71 in the near future.

Last week, The Longevity Centre recommended the state pension age was raised to this level by 2050 to maintain the number of working age Britons per retire amid growing life expectancy and falling birthrates.

This proposal was criticised by a pension expert who claimed it would have “severe consequences” on British workers aged 50 or under.

Members of the public have agreed, opposing the suggestion of hiking the state pension age to this degree in such a short space of time.

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The proposal to raise the state pension age to 71 has been slammed by GB News readers


One reader highlighted that the think tank’s proposal does not take into account the millions of workers who are physically unable to work into their 70s.

They shared: “There’s never a mention of those people who work manual jobs not being able to do their jobs even through their 50s.

“Men working down holes all weathers, carpenters on roofs, those working heavy work on factory lines. Some of those proposing increases in the retirement age haven’t got a clue. At 50 plus, the body says no.

“It’s fine for the office worker but not for manual workers outside who, in the winter, get cold through to the bone, or overheated under the sun outside in muck and dust.”

Another reader slammed the proposal as “greedy” with many households being forced to pay taxes, such as National Insurance, well into their older years.

The reader said: “All this country knows is to tax and scheme its citizens. it’s a greedy and increasingly desperate place.”

Another added: “We work until we’re exhausted then we get taxed again on our money and now they want to increase the age for getting our money back?

“There will be some who don’t make it to that age. Where does that money go? The government must be making a mint from this. It’s daylight robbery.”

Pension Update

Think tanks are pushing for pension reform as life expectancy goes up


Despite these complaints, one GB News reader encouraged the Government to be “honest” about its plans and offered an alternative to the status quo.

They claimed: “The raising of the retirement age has been going on for many years, and will continue, because the government wants to phase it out. Maybe that would be better, who knows?

“I think that at the very least, they should be honest about it and tell everyone what the plan is. If they are phasing it out, stop charging everyone [National Insurance] who’s not going to get the state pension.”

“Instead, have 10 per cent of their wages paid into a pension scheme, alongside the mandatory eight per cent they pay in now.

“With the employer three per cent, a total of 21 per cent saved should provide a reasonable retirement, especially if the 25 per cent tax free withdrawal is abandoned. That way, people can choose their own retirement options.”

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