4 ways Gen Z is redefining travel

Seven years ago, Eli Snyder’s job didn’t exist, nor would the 25-year-old feel confident about choosing a travel destination.

As a full-time TikTok travel influencer, Snyder is in Laos before spending the next couple of months exploring Vietnam and the Philippines. The Kansas City native then plans to leave Asia and venture into six South American countries, including Argentina and Chile.

To Snyder, travel is all about being “surprised,” and having his “preconceived notions about a place to be turned upside down.” Of course, connecting with the local culture and eating good food is a big part of it too. 

“(Before, if you were) going to Mexico, you’re going to do an all-inclusive, but now you’re going to leave the coast and go inland to see the rural towns,” he said. 

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