Best Nintendo Switch Travel Bags

While the Nintendo Switch is certainly an innovative hybrid console, it’s not as easy to take it with you on your travels as the DS and 3DS consoles used to be. When you want to take your Switch with you on the go, you’re going to need quite a bit of space, as well as some protection for your console, Joy-Con, and games.

Nintendo Switch travel bags have been made expressly for this purpose, but which one is going to be a fit for you? Whether you prioritize space, functionality, or just style, we’ve found the best Switch bags around, so you can take it with you wherever you travel to, and rest assured that your console is safe and sound.

Best Nintendo Switch Travel Bags

tomtoc Palico EDC Monster Hunter Sling Bag

tomtoc Palico EDC Monster Hunter Sling Bag

Best For Monster Hunter (And Cat) Fans

A purrfect choice!

This sling bag from tomtoc is not only the perfect size for your Nintendo Switch, but is also designed to look like one of Monster Hunter’s adorable Palicoes. The materials are soft (but still sturdy), the design is purrfect, and there’s plenty of room inside.


  • Themed design but still subtle
  • Zipped front pocket
  • Roomy inside

Whether or not you’re a fan of Monster Hunter, you can admit that this Switch travel bag from tomtoc is one of the cutest around. It’s been designed to look just like a Palico — an adorable cat creature from the series — with ears even poking out from the top. It’s not all just about looks, though. The travel bag is just as useful and functional as it is cute.

The central compartment is spacious and fit with separators, so you can easily store accessories like Joy-Con or smaller cartridge cases without them moving around and being loose inside. There’s another zipped pocket at the back, too, so you can store even more of your Switch essentials.

HORI Nintendo Switch Adventure Pack Pikachu Edition Travel Bag

HORI Nintendo Switch Adventure Pack (Pikachu Edition)

Best For Pokemon Fans

Perfect for your Pokemon journey

$25 $30 Save $5

For fans of Pokemon, this travel bag from HORI is perfect. It uses a striking yellow and black color scheme with Pikachu’s tail emblazoned on the front pocket.


  • Two large main pockets
  • Striking design

  • Can be a tight fit when storing a Switch and accessories

This Pikachu-themed travel bag from HORI is perfect for Pokemon fans. The black and yellow color scheme is just as striking as one of Pikachu’s Thunderbolt attacks, so you’ll definitely be looking stylish as you wear it. The bag itself has two main compartments, with the biggest, of course, being where you’ll store your Switch.

You can store additional accessories in the front pocket, though it might be a tight squeeze if you cram in too many. You’re likely better off taking flat cartridge storage cases rather than an extra pair of Joy-Con or a pro controller in this, but if you’re planning on just playing single-player, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Geekshare Large Capacity Multifunctional SwitchSwitch OLED Messenger Bag

GeekShare Large Capacity Multifunctional Nintendo Switch Messenger Bag

Best For Storage Space

Room for everything

$25 $27 Save $2

GeekShare’s travel bag is large enough to fit the OLED model of the Switch and is made from waterproof material to ensure your console and accessories are always protected. There’s also a pocket dedicated specifically to Joy-Con to store them safely.


  • Very spacious
  • Stylish yet functional
  • Waterproof

Just looking for maximum storage space and not bothered about the outward design? GeekShare has you covered. This travel bag has ample room inside, enough to fit even two Nintendo Switches in the main compartment. It also has a dedicated compartment for an extra pair of Joy-Con.

To make sure your Switch and all your accessories are completely protected, the bag is made from waterproof Oxford cloth, so nothing will be able to penetrate the inside and reach your electronics. The adjustable shoulder strap means you can comfortably carry the bag on your travels, too.

Controller Gear Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Travel Bag

Controller Gear Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Travel Bag

Best For Animal Crossing Fans

Take your island wherever you go!

Controller Gear’s Animal Crossing-themed travel bag is perfect for taking your Switch on the go. It’s more of a mini backpack, as there’s plenty of room inside and a dedicated pocket for your console in the main compartment. You can also fit all your accessories in the front pocket.


  • Backpack style means it’s very spacious
  • Colorful design

  • Switch pocket is somewhat small and may not accommodate a Switch in a case

If you’re traveling and don’t want to leave your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island behind, you’ll want this bag from Controller Gear. Though it’s more accurate to call it a mini backpack, it’s been designed with the Nintendo Switch in mind. Inside the main compartment, it has a dedicated pocket for your Switch, so you can secure it safely inside.

The large size means there’s lots of room for anything else you might want to bring with you, whether that’s extra Switch accessories or even your other travel essentials. Of course, one of the other main draws of this bag is the design — it’s covered in Animal Crossing’s leaf motif and has Tom Nook’s face emblazoned on the front.

HORI Nintendo Switch Adventure Pack The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Travel Bag

HORI Nintendo Switch Adventure Pack The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Travel Bag

Best For Zelda Fans

It’s dangerous to leave your Switch alone, store it in this!

$29 $32 Save $3

HORI’s officially licensed The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Switch travel bag is perfect for fans of the Zelda series. It has a sleek and stylish design, but it doesn’t compromise on functionality either.


  • Two main compartments
  • Stylish design

  • More compact than spacious

Wherever your next adventure leads you, if you’re a Zelda fan, you’ll want to take this travel bag from HORI with you. The iconic Zonai imagery from Tears of the Kingdom is printed across the bag, with the decayed Master Sword taking center stage.

The bag itself has two main compartments, and you’ll need to store your Switch in the larger one. The smaller pocket is perfect for any of those smaller extras you need to take with you, like your charger and game cases.

GeekShare Frog Nintendo Switch Portable Travel Bag

GeekShare Frog Nintendo Switch Portable Travel Bag

The Cutest Option

How could you say no to that face?

A frog-shaped bag. Need we say anymore? If you’re still not sold, this Switch travel bag has plenty of room inside, as well as a Velcro pull-over to secure your console in place.


  • Absolutely adorable design
  • Spacious inside

While this bag isn’t going to be winning any prizes for protectiveness or how sturdy it is, who could say no to that adorable froggy face? GeekShare’s frog travel bag has a surprisingly large capacity for its focus on looking cute, with a big main compartment for you to keep your Switch in. It even fits the OLED model, too, and has a Velcro fasten to keep it secure.

It also has a zipped pocket in the back, so you can store anything that you want to keep extra safe. But really, if you’re going to go for this one, we know it’s because you couldn’t resist how sweet it is.


How do you protect a Nintendo Switch while traveling?

You can protect your Switch while traveling by putting it in a protective case and storing it in a dedicated bag for your console. You can also install a screen protector to avoid scratches on the screen.

Is the Nintendo Switch good for traveling?

Yes! Bringing your Nintendo Switch is the perfect way to stave off boredom while traveling thanks to its handheld mode. You’ll need to bring a charger for longer trips, though.

How do I travel with my Switch?

You can store your Switch in a Switch travel bag to keep it protected alongside your other accessories. If you’re traveling by plane, you’ll want to either use a large travel bag (so you can store other essentials in it) or store the Switch bag inside your main one. Make sure to keep it in your carry-on luggage.


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