Blueface’s Mom In Tears Over His Brother’s Mental Health Issues, Chrisean Rock Fans Drag Her

It’s no secret that Blueface’s mother and Chrisean Rock haven’t always gotten along. In recent days, however, Chrisean’s fans have been out in full force to defend her. Earlier this week, Karlissa Saffold took to Instagram Live to open up about her other son Dre’s current battle with his mental health. The stress of the situation left the worried mother in tears.

“I have done everything I can for him,” she explained. “Since before he went to jail… I was not privy to mental health. I mean, it might look like we’re doing some mental circus sh*t, but me and Blue are really just trying to create generation wealth for this family.” While most viewers can empathize with Saffold’s situation, others took the opportunity to drag her, reminding her of all the times she dissed Chrisean Jr. and his mom.

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Karlissa Saffold Says She’s “Done Everything” She Can For Dre

“So talking bout chrisean baby every other day then come on here crying WHO GONE TAKE YOU SERIOUS,” one user writes. Another says, “Karma for dragging Chrisean Jr.” In the past, Saffold has accused Chrisean Jr. of having a neurological disorder, such as fetal alcohol syndrome. For obvious reasons, this sparked outrage among Chrisean Rock’s fanbase. The Baddies star denies rumors that her son has a disability.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear exactly what kind of mental health issues Dre is dealing with. Last week, however, Wack 100 went live to tell fans that Blueface is doing alright following his fight behind bars. During his livestream, he claimed that Dre had spearheaded rumors that Blueface had been stabbed. Wack 100 says this is false, and the altercation was nothing but a minor “scuffle.” What do you think of Chrisean Rock fans calling out Karlissa Saffold after she got emotional about her son Dre’s mental health struggles? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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