Boss Asks Employee “Why Aren’t You Going On Holiday” Moments After Firing Him. See Post

The post has prompted users to share their similar incidents. (Representative pic)

Although work provides financial stability, it can also be a significant source of stress for many. Social media – in particular, Reddit – has become a hub for people sharing their grievances with the workplace. Recently, an employee shared how his boss started a light-hearted conversation with him moments after firing him from his job. This conversation between the employee and his boss left social media users shocked and prompted many to share similar incidents. “‘Why aren’t you going on holiday???’ Mindblowing Conversation with Boss,” the caption of the post read. 

“Literally being laid off by the owner of the establishment and during the conversation he mentions he’s going to another continent with his partner and children during the summer,” the Reddit user wrote. He added that his boss then asked him where he was going, to which he answered, “Nowhere”. 

“Why aren’t you going on holiday???” Mindblowing Conversation with Boss.
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After the employee’s answer, the conversation between the two took an unusual turn as the boss said, “How come? You should go on holiday! You seem really stressed! You’ve got to go somewhere and relax and treat your kids”. 

“You’ve literally told me I won’t have a job in a week. I genuinely can’t tell if he was being unbelievably stupid or was making fun of me. Either way, wt* man,” the Reddit user concluded. 

The Reddit post was shared just a day back. Since then, it has amassed more than 2,100 upvotes. It also prompted users to share their similar incidents. 

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“I got a 0% pay rise at a company one year and a small bonus. Boss asked what treat I was going to buy with it. My continued existence, b*tch,” posted one user. “boss at last job did write email to every employee (200+) after HIS 2week summer vacation him hoping everybody is fresh now and can get to work even harder,” shared another. 

“I work for an attorney. The client was working on her financial statement and realized she had forgotten to report her student loans . “Geeze, how’d I forget that?” she said ruefully. And my boss chirped “Oh, I know! I sometimes forget that I own a boat!” Me and the client locked eyes in silent understanding of how out of touch she was,” commented a third. 

“I was at a startup where we all took a 25% pay cut, and the boss wanted to know where we should have the Christmas party. I said, Give us the money, even if it’s $25,” shared another. 

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