Final Fantasy 14 Reveals Combined Holiday Event


  • Final Fantasy 14 combines Little Ladies’ Day and Hatching-Tide holidays for a special event with a new mount as a reward.
  • Players can participate in the limited-time quest “The Princesses and the Eggs” to earn a pink Goobbue mount named Peatie.
  • The event runs until April 1, leading up to the Final Fantasy 16 crossover event and the Dawntrail expansion this summer.

In the coming days, Final Fantasy 14 will host the annual Little Ladies’ Day and Hatching-Tide holidays as a special, combined event for players to participate in. Though March will be a busy time for Final Fantasy 14 players, those who complete a limited-time quest as part of these holidays will receive a new mount for their effort.

Though unusual, the combined Little Ladies’ Day and Hatching-Tide holiday event is not a new concept in Final Fantasy 14. In early 2021, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Final Fantasy 14 combined Little Ladies’ Day with February’s Valentione’s Day event, which saw players participate in two holidays back-to-back. In the case of this year’s Little Ladies’ Day and Hatching-Tide, the event will run until early April, when it will be followed up by the long-awaited Final Fantasy 16 crossover event. All of these events are slated to take place before the launch of the Dawntrail expansion this summer.


Final Fantasy Fans Should Keep an Eye on March 23

Final Fantasy fans eager to hear more about the near future of the franchise should circle the fourth weekend of March on their calendars.

Until then, a busy March will be even busier in Final Fantasy 14. Starting Thursday, March 14, and ending Monday, April 1, Final Fantasy 14 will host the Little Ladies’ Day and Hatching-Tide holiday events. In last year’s Little Ladies’ Day event, players who participated in the festivities across the city of Ul’dah were rewarded with the Fan Dance emote. This year’s holidays will have decorations for Little Ladies’ Day in Ul’dah, and Hatching-Tide eggs will be scattered throughout the forest city of Gridania. The limited-time quest “The Princesses and the Eggs” will be available during the event, as players must speak with a miqo’te named Jihli Aliapoh at Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre in Gridania to begin it.

Final Fantasy 14 Little Ladies’ Day and Hatching-Tide Event

  • Starts Thursday, March 14, at 4:00 AM Eastern
  • Ends Monday, April 1, at 10:59 AM Eastern
  • New reward: Peatie mount (earned after completing “The Princesses and the Eggs” quest)

Upon completion, Final Fantasy 14 players will be rewarded with a new mount, a pink Goobbue named Peatie. In addition, rewards from the 2023 versions of Little Ladies’ Day and Hatching-Tide will be up for sale on the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store during the event. The duration of these combined holidays will run through a busy slate of events happening in Final Fantasy 14. Patch 6.58 will go live on March 19, which will address some known issues and make some PVP Job ability adjustments. Later that week, on March 23, Final Fantasy 14 producer and director Naoki Yoshida will take the stage at PAX East for a panel focused on Dawntrail.

The upcoming holiday event will also run through the March 21 launch of Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox consoles, which will give new players something to experience, starting at level 15. With all these events happening throughout March, Final Fantasy 14‘s road to Dawntrail looks to be an exciting time for the game.

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