Gloomy weather might be dulling our shine, but with the right regime, we can get our glow back

Skin Nerd dishes her top tips on how to look like a star even when you don’t feel like one

A facialist by trade, Jennifer has been working on the past three seasons of RTÉ’s Dancing With The Stars, helping the celebs shine brighter than the glitterball trophy on the dancefloor. The first step for Jennifer is problem shooting.

“I assess the skin and if I notice a breakout or any areas of inflammation, puffiness, lethargy or uneven pigment, I will address these first. As we are prepping the skin mere hours before a live show, we cannot use potent peels or treatments that could cause irritation,” she explains.

“For example, when it comes to blemishes, the most intrusive way I can help is to lance the area and to help combat puffiness, I will perform lymphatic drainage techniques across the arms and the face. I will then carry out a facial, varying the use of products depending on each client’s skin.”

But even those of us who aren’t taking to the dancefloor deserve to feel sparkling, so Jennifer has some trade secrets that just might help.

Use a jade roller to massage in your serums as it helps boost circulation and increases absorption of your products. It helps to reduce puffiness and may give your skin more of a glow due to the increased blood flow.

Another tip to giving your skin a boost is to incorporate exercise. By increasing blood flow you carry oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body, including the skin. In addition to providing oxygen, blood flow also helps carry away waste products, including free radicals, from working cells.

In cooler months we can forget to hydrate and drink sufficient water, which may lead to duller skin and more prominent fine lines due to dehydration.

Keep your serum in the fridge for a cooling treatment that can be used to de-puff the eye area too! A hydrating moisturiser is your saviour when it comes to dry, uncomfortable skin. Apply post-serum for a texture smoothing treat.

Using an acid cleanser, like AHA Cleanse, is ideal for perking up tired looking skin pre-event or even pre-wedding day. Replace your daily cleanser for this exfoliating blend every third evening in the run-up to an event for brightened, radiant skin.

What to use:

Skingredients Sally Cleanse 2% Salicylic Acid Oil Control Cleanser (Primary €33/ Refill €30)

Skingredients Sally Cleanse 2% Salicylic Acid Oil Control Cleanser (Primary €33/ Refill €30)

AHA is great for those seeking hydration, radiance and vibrance whilst Sally is best for those with oily or congested skin. Of course, you can’t forget SPF — even when the sun feels like a distant memory.

Skingredients Skin Shield Moisturising + Priming SPF50 (Primary €57/ Refill €52)

This provides vital sun protection and leaves a radiant, peachy glow. This SPF also absorbs like a dream and doesn’t pill under makeup.

Dermalogica Pro Collagen Banking Serum (€99)

Dermalogica Pro Collagen Banking Serum (€99)

Packed with amino acids — the building blocks of collagen — this formula gets key ingredients where your skin needs them and goes beyond plumping to help preserve the collagen your skin has now. The result is more resilient, visibly plumper, and more luminous skin, along with a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Seoulista Instant Wonder Eye Cream (€30)

Seoulista Instant Wonder Eye Cream (€30)

Pamper your delicate eye area with the star product of the collection. Featuring an innovative metal applicator, this eye cream naturally cools, soothes, de-puffs, and firms the skin.

Infused with retinol, Vitamin E, and caffeine, it’s your secret weapon against dark circles and fine lines, leaving your eyes refreshed and revitalised.

Sásta Microbiome Booster Serum (€45)

Sásta Microbiome Booster Serum (€45)

Formulated to suit everyone, the Microbiome Booster Serum caters to all skin types, delivering outstanding results, regardless of skin conditions.

The formula addresses a multitude of concerns, making it a must have in every skin care routine. It calms and soothes redness and inflammation. It instantly boosts hydration for a radiant complexion.

It also improves skin sensitivity and boosts the skin’s immune system. The serum can even improve the appearance of skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

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