Grandmother crafts herself into a corner

Dear Amy: My son’s ex-wife, “Tammy,” recently had a baby with her new husband.

Tammy also has two children with my son.

I recently made slippers for my grandsons and sent the slippers to them.

I told my son about it, and now he’s asking me to make a pair of slippers for the new baby.

I don’t think I need to, as that baby is not my grandchild.

Should I go along with this, or is there a nice way to say that the child means nothing to me, so I’m not interested in doing it?

After all, the ex-wife is the one who left the marriage when she cheated on my son with her new husband.

— Curious Granny

Dear Granny: Hmmm. Let’s see. Is there a nice way to say, “This baby means nothing to me and so I’m not interested in doing anything for the child?”

I’ve called an imaginary conclave among all of the sages whose wisdom I trust the most, and all agree that your position and attitude about this baby is exclusionary and unkind.

This child is the sibling of your grandchildren. Your grandchildren must be encouraged and allowed to accept and love this child. Why? Because it is best for everyone.

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