History In A Pint seminars to return with a look at the Cold War in the Northland

DULUTH, MN. (Northern News Now) – Marine Sergeant James Hubert was killed on the second day of the Battle of Tarawa in World War II. He was missing in action for 73 years before his remains were located, recovered, and returned to his family in Duluth. Hubert’s story is one of the many that have been told by Veterans Memorial Hall in Duluth. On that note, the Hall is bringing back those stories by restarting its History in a Pint series.

“The history pints we do on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and they’re basically when a veteran or veteran’s family comes in and tells the story of a veteran from northeastern Minnesota,” said Jay Hagen of Veterans Memorial Hall.

The next history in a pint presentation hits Thursday night at the Depot in Duluth. Veterans Memorial Hall program manager Jay Hagen has a personal connection to the topic that’ll be featured.

“The history in a pint we’re doing this week is General Ray Klosowski and this is his flight suit right over my shoulder here,” said Hagen.

Hagen’s father was an Air Force pilot in Duluth during the Cold War and so was Klosowski. Ray will talk about how air defenses grew at the head of the lakes in response to fears of a Soviet air attack.

“Critical period during those years was 1957 to 1961 when there was a massive build-up in Duluth of military power, both the Guard and the Air Force were constantly upgraded to the latest interceptors and weaponry,” said Klosowski.

As a military kid, Jay Hagen may or may not have heard a little scuttlebutt on the side at times. Like the time pilots alerted to what they thought was the much-feared Russian assault finally happening.

“Did a bear in Duluth almost cause World War Three?” hinted Hagen.

You can get the answer to that at General Klosowski’s speech Thursday evening or by tuning into next Monday’s Holding On To History story.

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