INX’s Eduardo Ribeiro To Address Ink-Related Issues At Latamcan

One year after Eduardo Ribeiro talked about impending changes to the metal decorating industry, he returns to this year’s Latamcan Conference with a new message with his talk, “Ink Related Issues and Coming Changes to Current Regulations.” The April 17-19 event at the Hilton Hotel in Buenos Aires, Argentina, represents the first time the conference is being held outside Brazil or Mexico.

Ribeiro says the metal decorating marketplace in South America has restructured itself and is adjusting to meet new demands as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There is a change taking place in the can market,” said Ribeiro, who is the director of metal operations for INX do Brasil in Sao Paolo, Brazil. He has worked for INX since 2016.

“Bars and restaurants in South America serve drinks mainly in bottles,” Ribeiro said. “Due to the restrictions that were in place until last year, people stayed home and it increased can consumption. Demand reached record levels in 2021 and 2022, and investments were made to accommodate this new structure. With life getting back to normal, there was an adjustment in the demand and some new challenges as a result.”

Ribeiro says having the flexibility to adapt to market changes is one the key factors his message will center on.

“Metal converters are working hard to expand can market share,” noted Ribeiro. “Attention to detail is the key to achieving your goals, and the high-speed production lines of today offer challenges that require our strict attention to maximize the process. It is my intention to show how small adjustments and ink-related controls can be fundamental for long-term continuous improvement.” 

One of the tools INX has to offer the industry is the INX Color Catalog. Part of the INX Color Perfection program, it is widely accepted as the color standard for metal decoration and now offers about 650 removable color metal swatches after a recent update.

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