New Attraction Spotlight: Holiday World’s Good Gravy!

February 18, 2024, 6:27 PM ·

A great theme park attraction almost never rests upon a single element. Like in a great meal, you need a mix of factors to achieve greatness.

Maybe it’s a innovative ride system. Maybe it’s the setting and decoration. Maybe it’s the story, the characters, or some music. It could be any combination of those and other factors, but I especially love when parks throw in a bit of self-referential or tongue-in-cheek humor, as well.

You might say that’s the gravy that completes a delightful holiday meal.

And that is what Holiday World has promised – figuratively and literally – with its new Vekoma Family Boomerang coaster for 2024, Good Gravy!

Sitting in gravy boat-inspired trains, visitors on Good Gravy will ride on a cranberry-colored track through Grandma’s living room on their way up to a 77-foot-tall spike, and then back through the house again out onto the course. Along the way, they will pass decorations including a giant cranberry can, a 20-foot-tall whisk, and an 18-foot-tall rolling pin.

Holiday World consistently delivers great roller coaster experiences. The Voyage and Thunderbird both rank on my personal top 40 list, with The Voyage making Theme Park Insider readers’ collective top 20. So when the park decided to add a true family coaster to its line-up again, I was pleased to see Holiday World amplify the fun around the coaster even as it created something accessible to more potential riders. (Good Gravy’s height requirement will be just 38 inches.)

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