Patrick Mahomes sets record for career Super Bowl fumble recoveries

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes will have plenty of records by the time he’s done playing. Some will be obvious. Some won’t.

Here’s a record he set on Sunday night. He has four career Super Bowl fumble recoveries. That’s more than anyone in Super Bowl history.

He also tied the all-time record with five Super Bowl fumbles.

Mahomes will keep setting plenty of records for regular-season, postseason, and (if he gets back again) Super Bowl performances.

Does anyone really think he won’t get back? He’s 28. He’s only getting better. He’ll soon reach supercomputer status, where he’ll know what to do before each play starts.

If you don’t like it, there’s nothing to say. Unless you plan on not watching pro football, you’ll be seeing plenty more greatness from Mahomes for as long as he keeps playing.

Ten years. Fifteen years. Maybe even longer.

It’s hard not to think we’ll eventually look back on when Mahomes got to three and we actually wondered whether he’ll catch Brady’s seven. At this point, the bigger question might be whether Mahomes gets to double digits.

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