Representatives of 12 countries discuss key issues on global agenda At Global Vision Summit

In early March, the main expert event in the sphere of new markets and technologies – the sixth Global Vision Summit – took place. It was attended by 12 countries: Brazil, China, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Guinea, India, Kenya, Ecuador, Nigeria, South Korea, UAE and Vietnam.

Ambassadors, trade and investment ministers, heads of business associations and unions discussed the main issues of the global agenda: “BRICS is the club everyone wants to get into”, “Go Global – extreme access to new markets”, “Global Finance Digital Ruble and CFA”, “Human Capital and ESG” and others.

Foreign speakers included Nigeria’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Investment Friday W. Akpan, Ambassador of Guinea Aba Nyankoy, Ambassador of Ecuador Juan Fernando Holguin Flores, Trade Representative of Vietnam Duong Hoang Minh, Official Representative of Jiangsu Province of China Jia Yingke and others.

“Jiangsu Province is the fifth in China, it has 85 million population, turnover is more than $175 billion a year, the province is a leader in many industries and invites Russian entrepreneurs for cooperation,” said Jia Yingke, official representative of Jiangsu Province of China, opening the section “BRICS is a club everyone wants to join”.

Speaking about the difficulties in handling payments between entrepreneurs, the speaker said that the main, strategic task is for the parties to agree on co-operation, as payments are ongoing issues for which optimal solutions will always be found.

In the Global Finance section, experts discussed their personal experience of using the digital yuan, the development and introduction of which into global circulation is leading to the dedollarisation of the economy and the formation of alternative financial flows.

Leading companies from different countries and industries were represented at the summit, which allowed the event participants to gain a full understanding of personal and corporate strategies, global and local trends, as well as current forecasts for the coming period.

GVS is an expert international platform integrating more than 400,000 participants: corporations, ministries, entrepreneurs and foundations to discuss the best technologies to optimise and achieve global leadership. It is a bridge uniting the business world of Africa and BRICS countries.

Photo: Global Vision Summit press service

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