Russia Sees Crypto Adoption Surge, But Regulatory Clouds Remain

The numbers of individuals in Russia who are into crypto are constantly increasing at a very high level.Following in up to a comment from one great professor  Evgery Kogan who recently shared this comment to one Russian-language media outlet going by the name Coinspot.

In his comment he stated that in recent years Crypto adoption has been experiencing great growth in Russia.He also added that many citizens now prefer making their transactions with Bitcoin and other tokens within the Crypto space.

This were his words:

“Cryptocurrencies are becoming a part of our lives. And for some, they have already become a means of payment.”

The country’s central bank has announced earlier this month that “almost all” of the financial pyramid schemes found the previous year had elements related to cryptocurrencies.As per Kogan, only a small fraction of 99% of Russians has used digital tokens. Another 3% of people know about the blockchain industry.

The relationships between cryptocurrency and the policies of the regulatory bodies have come to be more and more important to HSE, a public research university.

According to a research article by HSE in January, this power grid load on Siberian miners of cryptocurrency has been a possible fix.

While Russian legislators have not yet had a chance to vote on any major draft laws regarding digital currencies, even though the deputies have repeatedly promised to speed up cryptocurrency law approval and enter it into force.

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