SALT LAKE CITY, Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Utah State Board of Education has reviewed and recommended Collaborative Classroom’s SIPPS® program under the Utah Literacy Initiative, further advancing literacy education in the state. The program received a perfect score on the Evidence-Informed Core Criteria Checklist, highlighting its efficacy in supporting literacy development for students in Utah.

SIPPS is a comprehensive, research-based intervention program designed to address the diverse literacy needs of students in grades K–12. By providing explicit instructional routines and structured literacy approaches, SIPPS equips educators with the tools necessary to accelerate student growth in foundational reading skills.

“We are gratified that SIPPS has been endorsed by the Utah State Board of Education,” said Kelly Stuart, CEO and President of Collaborative Classroom. “This approval underscores our commitment to providing evidence-based resources that empower educators and improve student outcomes in literacy across the state of Utah.”

With its approval under the Utah Literacy Initiative, SIPPS becomes a valuable asset for educators seeking to enhance their literacy instruction and intervention efforts. The program’s alignment with Utah’s literacy standards ensures that educators can effectively implement evidence-based practices to support student success in reading.

“We commend Utah educators for their dedication to promoting literacy excellence in their classrooms,” said Marine Freibrun, Manager of Educational Partnerships at Collaborative Classroom. “As schools and districts in Utah continue to prioritize literacy instruction, we remain committed to providing ongoing support and resources to help educators meet the diverse needs of their students.”


SIPPS is a research-based intervention program designed to support K–12 students in developing foundational literacy skills. With its structured instructional routines, SIPPS provides educators with the tools they need to deliver effective intervention and accelerate student growth in reading.

About Collaborative Classroom

Collaborative Classroom is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that all students become proficient readers, writers, and critical thinkers. Through its evidence-based programs and professional learning opportunities, Collaborative Classroom supports educators in creating inclusive learning environments where every student can thrive.

Since 1980, Collaborative Classroom’s programs have impacted over 8 million students and 328,000 teachers nationwide, fostering academic excellence and promoting equity in education.

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