Skyrim Player Crafts Wholesome Retirement Ceremony For Their 12-Year-Old Character


  • Players feel nostalgic when retiring old Skyrim characters, each with unique experiences and stories.
  • One gamer put their original Skyrim character through an entire retirement ceremony, which was heartwarming to see.
  • Many gamers retiring original characters in Skyrim are now looking forward to The Elder Scrolls 6.

A Skyrim player online has shared their heartwarming story of how they recently held a retirement ceremony for their 12-year-old character. With Skyrim now well over a decade old, it’s no surprise that gamers are beginning to feel nostalgic about their old characters.

Because Skyrim is so utterly vast, with new details still being discovered all the time, it’s one of those RPGs that encourages multiple playthroughs. In fact, in Skyrim‘s case, it’s almost essential to experience everything the game has to offer. Despite this, most players will always remember their first protagonist who introduced them to the world of Skyrim, whether it be a recently created character, or one made when the game first launched all the way back in 2011. Some of these characters will be lost to time, located on hard drives long gone, but it’s always great to see when a player manages to dig up these types of interesting time capsules.


Sad Skyrim Chicken Leaves Player Feeling Guilty

A Skyrim player is left feeling an unusual sense of guilt after their encounter with a chicken in the beloved role-playing game.

This story was posted to Reddit by user That_Late_Owl, who managed to find their old Skyrim save on the Xbox 360 from just after the release of the DLCs. After loading it up, they took the character to Solitude in Skyrim, purchasing some cozy pajamas while there before heading home to Lakeview Manor. Once home, That_Late_Owl played with their two adopted children, Blaise and Lucia, and said hello to their husband, Omluag. After night had fallen, they then changed their Skyrim character into the pajamas and left the rest of their gear on the nearest table. Finally, the character was retired by sitting in the kitchen, next to a fireplace with a warm meal – a fitting end for any Dragonborn.

Retiring a 12-Year-Old Character in Skyrim

One of the most amazing things about Skyrim is that despite everyone playing the exact same game, each player has their own unique experiences and stories to tell. As the years go by, retiring original Skyrim characters is becoming a more common ritual for gamers to partake in, as a way to say goodbye to save files that have brought happy memories to players.

With some gamers finally beginning to retire Skyrim after over 12 years, many are now looking forward to the next iteration of the series. Some gamers are even considering how The Elder Scrolls 6‘s formula should change after Starfield, and it’ll certainly be interesting to see if Bethesda changes course after the player reception to its most recent title. Hopefully, with Starfield now released, all focus at the studio goes on the next iteration of The Elder Scrolls, with gamers having waited long enough for a sequel.

elder scrolls 5 skyrim cover


Skyrim is a beloved game for a reason. There is so much to do in the game, and with the new anniversary updates, even veteran players will have a fresh experience if they haven’t played it in a few years. 
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November 11, 2011


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