Spring Travel Season Tips with Travel Expert Laura Begley Bloom

Places to Recharge, Destinations to Explore. Sponsored by: Windstar Cruises, Rosetta Stone & Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

SAN DIEGO — Spring travel season is here. If you’re looking for beautiful places to relax and recharge, we’ve got you covered. Travel Expert Laura Begley Bloom joins our Laura Cavanaugh to share her favorite travel destinations and strategies to prepare for your trip.

For the ultimate spring and summer travel experience, check out Windstar Cruises, a small, all-suites luxury cruise line that visits smaller ports around the globe. Windstar visits some of the most incredible destinations on the planet, from the Caribbean and the Mediterranean to Tahiti, the Greek Isles and Iceland.

“You can go island hopping and discover secret places that most travelers don’t see,” said Begley Bloom.

Let Windstar be your guide. Learn more at www.windstarcruises.com

When you’re headed on a trip, don’t forget that your travel prep is not complete until you learn the language. Rosetta Stone allows you to fully immerse yourself in the language so you can explore like a local.

Rosetta Stone is currently on sale for 50% off a lifetime unlimited subscription to all 25 languages they offer.  

Learn more at www.rosettastone.com

For a great trip in the U.S., check out Grand Geneva Resort & Spa. Located on the Illinois-Wisconsin border, the 1,300-acre resort has something for everyone. It offers pristine views, as well as hiking, biking, golf, a luxurious spa and award-winning dining. Grand Geneva’s sister property, Timber Ridge Lodge & Water Park features an all-suite resort, an updated water park and a new family-friendly restaurant. Spring rates start at $129 a night.

Learn more at www.grandgeneva.com

Sponsored by:  Windstar Cruises, Rosetta Stone & Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

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